“With the Mandata TMS in place, we can now comfortably manage between 400 and 500 jobs per day. The flexibility of the system has allowed us to grow to the size we are today.”

Patrick Derry, Derry Refrigerated

No need to check multiple systems to find one answer. Mandata’s transport planning software gives traffic planners all the information they need in one system:

Flexible ways to plan your way

  • Load to vehicle
  • Vehicle/driver to load

Live resources availability and rapid resource allocation

  • Drivers and sub-contractors
  • Vehicles and trailers

Route sequencing

  • Map based planning & pre-plan ETAs

Planning validation

  • Empty running, load fill & £/mile, profit & loss, revenue

Compliance and availability

  • Real-time driver hours
  • Vehicle maintenance schedule

Manifest / driver informed

  • Job sequence & route plan
  • Driver instructions (to Manifest App)
  • Delivery documentation (to Manifest App)
  • Real-time driver informed/acknowledged
  • Real-time status updates

Plan full load and multi-drop deliveries

Mandata transport planning software helps you make the most of your resources as you plan.

You’re co-ordinating work for multiple customers, drivers and vehicles, and planning hundreds of deliveries every day. We know it can be time-consuming and complicated.

Our integrated transport management solutions, including electronic proof of delivery, simplify the whole process, helping you make smarter, more profitable planning decisions.

With one view of your business traffic planners have all the real-time information they need to plan and execute the perfect delivery:

  • Visualise and validate your plan while optimising routes for jobs and operational KPIs.
  • Make positive changes to your plan to minimise empty-running and cost-per-mile.
  • Keep drivers informed. Produce documentation and send updates to a driver’s mobile without having to print or scan anything.
  • Add new work and make changes quickly, safely and profitably using live drivers’ hours.
Mandata TMS Traffic Pad

Traffic Pad within Mandata TMS

Mandata TMS Go Traffic Planning Pad

Traffic Pad with Mandata Go

New: ETA route planning and monitoring

Mandata’s route planning software is the all-in-one solution for traffic planners. Create and execute your perfect plan. Includes system-generated ETAs to help you plan timed deliveries. Live ETAs as your plan is in progress. Enables you to keep customers informed with real-time track and trace.


Mandata simplifies planning

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