“We plan jobs against 1,000+ drivers and that number is growing all of the time. With Mandata’s Traffic Pad we can manipulate drivers and loads dynamically and fluidly whilst managing change effectively throughout the day.”

Mo Rahman, BCA Logistics

Gain real-time visibility of your haulage operation. Ensure work is going to plan.

Your vehicles are on the road, your drivers know where to go and what to do, and your customers know when to expect their deliveries. But no matter how well you’ve planned, there can still be unexpected delays, issues and changes you need to make.

Mandata gives you the ability to react quickly, proactively and efficiently to changing situations throughout the day:

  • See real-time plan execution updates including load information, vehicle location and job status.
  • Amend your plan without having to re-do everything else.
  • Capture live information about your fleet and drivers to simplify compliance and governance.
  • Monitor driver and vehicle performance to make continuous improvements.
  • Receive proof-of-delivery and non-conformance details, saved behind the job for quick, simple and accurate invoicing.

Mandata Traffic Pad for effective traffic planning

There’s no need to check multiple systems to find one answer.

With live feeds in to the TMS your team is ready to adapt to evolving situations throughout the day and manage by exception.

Mandata Traffic Pad shows live details keeping the haulier informed

Find all the answers you need in one place. Updated in real-time:

  • Job Execution – Real Time

    Plan updates

    • Vehicle location
    • Job/load status
    • Tacho integration:
      driver hours & behaviour
    • Telematics integration:
      vehicle behaviour
    • Sub-contractor

    Plan amendments & driver instructions

    Operational reporting & KPI’s

    • Plan v actual
    • Empty running
    • Load fill
    • Profit & loss/revenue
    • Cost per mile
    • Fuel surcharge/demurrage

    Customer updates

    • Status
    • Location
  • Compliance & Governance

    Operating compliance

    • Daily walk-around checks
    • Vehicle inspections
    • Road safety
    • Non conformance
    • Driver hours & behaviour
    • Vehicle maintenance schedule

    Standards & accreditation

    • DVSA earned recognition
    • FORS
    • CLOCS
    • Environment

    Reporting & KPIs

    Incident & claim management

  • TMS Tracking & Telematics

    • Vehicle & trailer tracking
    • Job status updates

    Customer updates

    • Status
    • Location

    Tacho – driver hours

    • Real-time plan update
    • Download & push to 3rd party compliance/analysis provider


    • Driver & vehicle performance
    • Real time plan updates
    • League tables & score cards
      • Idling
      • Harsh acceleration/breaking
      • Fuel economy & drop
      • CO 2 emissions
  • POC & POD

    • Sign-on glass
    • Scan paperwork (OCR)
    • Digital images
    • Non conformance
    • Customer own paperwork
  • Return to Depot

    • Driver de-brief
    • POD documentation & delivery
    • Scan paperwork to jobk

How can Mandata help hauliers to Operate and Monitor their business?

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