Your data and systems in safe hands

With greater pressure on your road transport business to operate in more efficient ways, complex networking environments are required to give continuous access to information.

Mandata gives peace of mind and confidence through data security, as well as freedom and flexibility to work anytime, anywhere.

Choice of Cloud-based or Server TMS

Take away the worry and cost of managing a transport management system on your own network.  Hosted on a high performance network environment, the Mandata Cloud TMS and Go provides secure, scalable, economical and convenient on-line access to your transport management system and data.

Should you decided to host your own Mandata TMS our IT Services team will work with you to ensure the correct software configurations and hardware set-ups are in place to optimise your use of the system. We are happy to provide upgrade advice and liaise with third-party hardware providers on your behalf.


Peace of mind for you and your customers.

Freedom to work anytime anywhere.

With secure access to the Mandata transport management system, users will have the flexibility to work anywhere and share the same centralised system, as long as they have access to the Internet. Our IT Services team ensure frequently accessed information is quickly available, and haulage processes run smoothly.

Enterprise-class security provided by Mandata IT experts

You can rely on us to manage the everyday maintenance of the system by conducting housekeeping tasks and providing automatic updates ensuring you always use the latest version of the software.

Network software updates, effective data management and security routines, and continuous data backups are all part of a robust scheduled maintenance programme our IT experts provide for you.

Your data and systems in safe hands

The Mandata Cloud TMS and TMS Go! systems and integrated software reside on our resilient distributed data-centre platform. Designed to be infinitely scalable and capable of managing the upward growth of users and keep pace with your growth in customer data volumes, the Mandata Cloud TMS and TMS Go! provide the highest levels of data security.

Data is saved in two separate locations at the same time to ensure the effective recovery of systems and data. In the event of a major disruption at our main data centre, data is saved.

Tier 4 Enterprise-class Network

We are able to provide the highest levels of data protection and system performance to users of our software. Mandata systems reside on a state-of-the-art, continuously monitored and maintained network infrastructure within a Tier 4 enterprise-class Data Centre, commonplace in many FTSE 100 organisations.

Distributed Disaster Recovery Platform

Our comprehensive disaster recovery strategy provides peace of mind to you and confidence to your customers. The Mandata DR platform simplifies how data and information is managed, stored, protected and recovered. With this resilient business continuity strategy in place to support your day-to-day operations and continued growth, you will minimise the risks that data loss or system down-time can pose to your business.

The Mandata Data Centre resides on a distributed network, saving data simultaneously in two separate locations. This enables us to effectively recover systems and data from our secondary data centre site in the event of a major disruption at our main data centre, therefore minimising interruption of your Mandata services.

As well as providing security to Mandata Cloud TMS users, our approach will ensure a quick recovery of data from Mandata Tracking, Fleet Behaviour and Web Services Manager should you suffer a data loss.

What are the benefits of using a Cloud-based transport management system?

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