An integrated electronic proof of delivery app solution. Options include Job Forms (bespoke questionnaires), SatNav, ETAs or Waste management providing further instant updates in Mandata.

Go mobile and paperless. Simplify your proof of delivery process with this integrated app.  Available for Android and Apple smartphone devices, Manifests app provides real-time visibility of job progress, instant ePODs and instant messaging improving communication between your back-office and mobile workforce.

The Manifest app provides real-time updates between the Mandata transport management system and driver’s smartphone, keeping you informed of delivery progress. Providing instant electronic proof of delivery (ePODs) and details of non-conformance.

Avoid unnecessary delays waiting for paper PODs to be returned. All information is updated automatically in your TMS and Customer Portal as jobs are complete – no errors, delays, lost paper PODs or rework!

Here’s how the process works

Keeping driver’s informed

  • Within the Mandata Traffic Pad, click to send a highlighted job to the allocated driver.
  • They driver’s Manifest app is updated with new work or amendments to a job.
  • Driver’s accept the job and see collections and deliveries to do in sequence along with any instructions.

Real-time progress updates

  • Back in the Traffic Pad, you’ll see the driver’s acknowledged the job.
  • Receive job status updates as drivers complete jobs.

Instant electronic proof of delivery – no need to re-enter details

  • See when a job has been completed. View electronic signatures, proof of delivery and non-conformance details behind each job within the Mandata TMS and TMS Go!
  • View an updated list of jobs ready to be invoiced.

Instant Messaging

  • Send and receive messages using a desktop application.

All apps available on both iOS and Android.


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