An app that fully integrates with Mandata TMS and Mandata TMS Go!

Send information to and from your driver’s smartphone to simplify communication and reduce your reliance on paperwork.

Simple, instant updates are made between your back-office Mandata transport management system and a driver’s mobile device.  No duplication of effort required or delay in sending or receiving information. There’s definitely no need to transfer information from one system to another.

Here’s how the process works

Keeping driver’s informed

  • Within the Mandata Traffic Pad, click to send a highlighted job to the allocated driver.
  • They’ll receive an update on their mobile phone with the new work or amendments to a job.
  • They’ll accept the job and see collections and deliveries to do in sequence and any instructions.

Driver acknowledged and updates

  • Back in the Traffic Pad, you’ll see the driver’s acknowledged the job.
  • Receive job status updates as they complete their work.

Receive proof of delivery ready to invoice

  • See when a job has been completed. View electronic signatures, proof of delivery and non-conformance details behind each job within the TMS.
  • View an updated list of jobs ready to be invoiced.

All apps available on both iOS and Android.

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