Educate drivers and encourage positive improvements

Rather than having to wait to see results back at the depot, drivers can see their daily, weekly and monthly score cards on their smartphone. They can also see other driver’s score cards that you choose to enable drivers in peer groups to improve driving styles. The resulting benefits will be seen in your fuel bills.

Give drivers the results they need to improve:

Mandata’s new SmartDrive App presents drivers with a scorecard of grades against metrics such as vehicle idling and fuel usage to encourage positive and discourage negative driver behaviours. The grades are analysed in comparison to KPI’s you choose, so that drivers themselves can easily identify areas where they need to improve to achieve a sustainable standard of performance.

The app enables your drivers to:

See how they’re driving

  • Drivers can view their daily, weekly and monthly scorecards.

Compare their results

  • Drivers can view their results and those of their peers.

Back at the office

All of the data displayed in the Mandata SmartDriveTM App is produced by Mandata TMS Tracking and Telematics. You can view results in real-time on-line and in the office using the Mandata Web Services platform.

Tailored KPI’s

  • Create your own custom performance matrixes to set driver targets. Measure KPI’s to get the results that really matter to your business.
  • Analyse new data alongside historic data. You can track results over periods of time to identify weak links in your workforce and take corrective action.
  • Set targets to unify drivers’ styles, making tangible savings in fuel costs.
  • Promote positive driving styles to  improve road safety by discouraging speeding and harsh deceleration.

All apps available on both iOS and Android.

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More modules to provide real-time visibility of your operation:

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