Drill down to see live data from any of your Mandata systems in one dashboard application.

With easy access to live data from your TMS, Tracking and other Mandata modules, waiting hours or days to see how your haulage business is performing is a thing of the past.

Traditional dashboards are fairly static; often pulling data from one source, they can limit flexibility and visibility for the user. Mandata has taken a fresh approach by giving you access to your connected data from all Mandata systems, in one highly flexible tool.

Equipping employees with information that matters to you, Mandata Dashboards will expand your view on your business. Allowing different dashboards for different users, enables you to focus on the all areas of the business that need attention right now.

  • Unlock your data and analyse and share results with your team quickly and easily with Mandata Transport Analytics Dashboards.
  • Dashboards provide you with up-to-the-minute results in easy to interpret charts; precise information that is relevant to your business.
  • By visualising your results you can spot issues and opportunities and quickly start to make improvements to your business.
  • Make your business more agile by keeping staff informed. By equipping them with key information that matters to your business they’ll be able to respond quickly to changes.
  • With visibility of vital statistics via the Mandata Cloud, on your desktop or mobile, you can monitor every aspect of your business, at a glance and on the move.

With Mandata Dashboards you can:

See all your KPI’s in one central place. Data from across all of your Mandata systems; TMS, Tracking and Fleet Behaviour systems etc. will be presented together with data from your accounting, workshop and warehouse systems too.

Respond quickly to issues. Live visibility of KPI’s helps minimise the risk of issues going unnoticed, helping you to make informed business decisions and quicker improvements to maximise opportunities.

See information that’s relevant to you, right now! View live Dashboards anywhere. Access your key business data at home, in the office or on the move; on desktop, tablet or mobile.

Give your team KPI’s they need. Users can have access to relevant results at management level, depot level and see unique subsets of data, all at the same time.

Simplify the interpretation of your complex data over time. See KPI’s that matter to you and compare results over set time frames (days, weeks, months or year-on-year) to spot trends and track improvements.

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