An integrated solution to control inbound and outbound stock movements within your depot.

Simplify your cross docking process with this integrated app providing visibility and control of stock movements within a depot.

Traffic Planners have full visibility of stock movements with this new cross docking solution from Mandata.  The Cross Docking app integrates with the Mandata TMS transport management system to instantly update the cross docking progress status as stock is scanned on and off vehicles.

Other functionality includes the ability to carry out a sweep to find the last known location of stock and conduct checks to relocate stock to the correct location.

Here’s how the process works

Loads are planned within the Mandata TMS

  • You define which location pallets/stock are placed by Job Type, Work Type, Delivery Type or Postcode
  • Locations are automatically added to the job as you plan

Cross Docking

  • Operators scan loads off vehicles and into locations using an integrated app

Controlling stock movements

  • Run an audit within the Mandata TMS to confirm the last known location
  • Carry out a sweep of the depot to find the location of stock
  • Check where the pallet should be located and move it to the correct location

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