Job Planning and Invoicing made easy

minimise your paperwork

Tired of using spreadsheets to plan your deliveries? A Mandata system makes it easier to manage your road transport operation with greater efficiency and visibility.

Create & email Invoices

Invoicing functionality makes it easy to create and invoice jobs once electronic proof of delivery is received, saving you time, and postage costs. Ensuring your customers receive your invoice quickly.

automate repeating tasks

A Mandata transport management system makes every day tasks easier. Quick and automated ways to avoid manual processes give you more time to concentrate on other tasks.

work at home or office

You don't need to worry about looking after your IT system. All your data is saved to our secure data centre. Our IT experts ensure all your data is backed-up and accessible to you anytime anywhere.

Choose the perfect plan

There’s a cloud-based haulage system for every business at Mandata.

Mandata Now - Transport Management Software

Basic Cloud-based Job Management
Simple Processes
(1-10 vehicles)



Mandata Go - Transport Management Software

Cloud Transport Management System
Simple Processes
(11-30 vehicles)


+ VAT/month

Mandata TMS - Transport Management Software

Cloud Transport Management System
Complex Processes
(30+ vehicles)

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Frequently asked questions

Mandata Transport Management Systems are designed to reduce the time you spend managing your transportation business by helping you with tasks such as:
  • Quoting, Creating and Booking jobs
  • Building loads for vehicles and trailers
  • Planning routes
  • Allocating work to drivers, vehicles and sub-contractors
  • Monitoring your daily operations – including live status updates of job progression
  • POD capture and return
  • Scanning and uploading documents to store information against completed jobs.
  • Invoicing

Mandata has a solution to suit you based on the size of your fleet, the type of work you do and how complex your processes are.

We offer three core transport management systems.

We recommend you choose the product and plan with the features that meet your business needs today.  You can upgrade to a higher plan as your business grows and needs change.

Our Integrated Tool Kit of applications can be integrated in varying degrees with our core transport management software systems. They will often be available at an additional cost, per driver or vehicle.

To integrate a Mandata system with other 3rd party systems will probably incur software development as well as support costs.  Bespoke software developments will need regular updates, and the cost normally guarantees a level of support will be provided if any issues need to be addressed.

A TMS like Mandata can simplify how shippers work with your company. Our Go and TMS are designed to give you and your customers real-time visibility and instant electronic updates. 

Our Integrated Tool Kit offers unique services and solutions offering a range of functionality. They can include effortless order exports/imports, on-line ordering, on-line track and trace, access to electronic proof of collection/delivery documents and email invoices. 

All Mandata desktop applications run on MS Windows. MS Windows 10 devices are recommended.

Mobile apps: Android – Minimum of Android 5.1 (Android 7.0 and above recommended) iOS – Minimum of iOS9 (iOS12 recommended)

Note: Mandata applications are not supported on Apple or Linux.

Internet Connection: Mandata works best with a fast broadband Internet connection.

Yes. One of the many benefits of cloud-based software is that you’re always on the latest version. Updates happen automatically and won’t affect your data in the slightest. If the software has been updated, you’ll see a message when you log in.

With our ‘Now’ product we do not provide on-site support directly. The product is entirely self-onboarding with wizards and guides to walk you through the set-up process. There is also an extensive help-site which includes step by step text and videos.

With our ‘Go’ and ‘TMS’ products we offer both on-site and remote set-up support/training. The cost of this will be determined after a scoping session with yourself and Mandata.

Our licensing plan is ‘concurrent’ meaning that it is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. If you purchase two licenses, two users can log in at the same time – but your system may have more users allowed access – they would have to wait for somebody to log out before they could log in.

You can import and export the following lists to and from MS Excel or CSV file:

  • Customers
  • Suppliers
  • Products
  • Locations
  • Vehicles
  • Drivers

Plus, you can export reports generated in Mandata to MS Excel as .XLS or .CSV files – or even straight to PDF.

Our clients say

"Using a Cloud transport management system has given us an extra dimension to our business. It has given us a seamless way of working that we didn’t have before, in terms of remote access and mobile working."
North West Logistics migrate their TMS to the Cloud with Mandata
Stephen Dunn
Managing Director, North West Logistics
"Before we adopted the Mandata Cloud TMS, the business was entirely run on Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets.  As we grew as a business the volume of administration became far too great, and we found ourselves duplicating information and spending far too much time doing it."
Freight 44 Chilled and Ambient Transport
Richard Chappell
Director, Freight 44
"With the Mandata TMS in place we can now comfortably manage between 400 and 500 jobs per day. The flexibility of the system has allowed us to grow to the size that we are now. Without a doubt, if we hadn’t had Mandata on board we couldn’t have gotten to where we are today."
Derry Refrigerated
Patrick Derry
Director, Derry Refrigerated

"We use the different TMS Traffic Pads to divide work up into our different traffic areas (Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland and UK) and from that, we can see what vehicles are where and exactly where we need to plan more work in, it’s very impressive. Equally, the accounts integration and eInvoicing modules are just amazing, and the POD scanning system has been a god send."

McCluskey Removals
richard mcCluskey
Director, McCluskey Removals