Mandata has introduced a range of exciting new software updates across its range of products, simplifying planning, job execution and employee compliance for hauliers.

This summer will also see the release of new integrations between TMS and Go with Stirling Workshop and Accounts, as well as integration between TMS and Go with the Returnloads freight exchange enabling greater collaboration across the whole of the Mandata Group of solutions.

What’s New?

Mandata and Stirling Warehouse Management Integration

We are pleased to announce we have added Stirling Warehouse Management to our range of integrated TMS solutions, providing integration between Mandata TMS, Mandata Go and the Stirling WMS.  It means you can manage your transport in tandem with your warehouse operation.

To request more information please click here to email us or see us at the CV Show in September this year.

Map-based Planning – Simpler route planning for hauliers

In May 2021 Mandata introduced a new version of its Map-based Planning software. The latest release builds on Mandata’s powerful drag and drop ‘Traffic Pad’ traffic planning tool allowing planners to build loads using an interactive map.  It also enables you to make the most of your resources as you plan, and push the plan out quickly to a driver’s Manifest app on their mobile device.

Mandata Route Planning

Here’s how Map-based Planning works:

  1. Sort and filter your unplanned work (eg. by delivery area, service level, work type etc)
  2. The unplanned work appears on a map allowing you to visualise routes and the proximity of jobs to other stops you have to plan
  3. Work with multiple loads at once and drag & drop between loads to refine your plan
  4. Overlay loads on top of one another to compare and re-plan where the routes intersect to maximise the efficiency of those loads
  5. Use KPIs to perfect plans eg distance travelled, dead miles, £/mile etc.

See a preview of Map-based Planning here


New Tracking Interface – Live tracking, performance and load details in one place

In August 2021 Mandata refreshed it’s Tracking interface introducing a new Tracking Pad.  The new release brings all live Mandata tracking, performance, driver hours and shift data together in a dynamic easy-to-use interface.

Mandata Tracking

The new Tracking Pad contains a series of views giving you the real-time visibility you need to monitor progress:

  • Live vehicle position map
  • Journey history map
  • Driver shift map
  • Manifest location map (shows you how the driver is progressing through his load sequence as well as load details)
  • Tracking, Driver Hours and Driver Performance report options

The difference between this and the previous version is that you can view more information on one screen at a time and it only takes one or two clicks to reach any data you need.

Watch a preview of the Mandata Tracking Pad

Team Admin Compliance – Keep track of employee know-how

If you find it difficult keeping your employees informed of legislative change or changes in company procedures, Team Admin Compliance can make this process simpler for you.   Mandata has introduced a new add-on for Team Admin (leave, expenses and timesheet management).  It makes light work of sharing documentation with your team and getting feedback and evidence of documents having been read.

Team Admin Compliance

Here are some of the cool things you can do:

  • Upload and schedule the distribution of content to your staff eg health and safety guidelines, operational procedures and instruction manuals.
  • ​​​​​See evidence that the content has been read.
  • Ask people to sign and date electronic documents. Digital signatures are then superimposed onto the document for you.
  • Set deadlines for when documents need to be signed off.
  • Report on impending deadlines and cut-off dates.
  • Go back historically and see who read documents, and when.
  • Add validation questions to clarify people’s understanding.
  • Add version control to documents.
  • Give your team access to the documents via an app and website portal.

See a preview of Team Admin Compliance


If you’d like to know more about Mandata software and how transport management software can help your haulage operation click here to request a demo or make an enquiry.

Or, meet our team at this year’s CV Show at the NEC Birmingham any time between August 31st and September 3rd, 2021.