Planning, scheduling and invoicing work has just become far easier for smaller operators who can now benefit from a brand new cloud-based off-the-shelf transport management system, Mandata TMS Go!

The system, which is an easy-to-use, off-the-shelf and subscription-based cloud product, can be integrated with mobile apps to enable users to simplify and better manage ‘order-to-invoice’ processes via a single, cost-effective paperless system.

Quick and easy to set-up, TMS Go! is ideal for start-up and SME operators with simpler operations, looking to migrate from paper-based processes to a computerised transport management system (TMS).

An intuitive dashboard-style drag and drop traffic pad speeds-up job planning and scheduling, enabling users to more effectively plan and manage workloads through the easier allocation of drivers to vehicles and loads.

The ability to plan deliveries in advance provides significant time saving advantages, while the addition of Mandata Tracking shows the live status of deliveries on screen, flagging up any issues or delays.

TMS Go! can be integrated with a Manifest app to allow the driver to receive and see at-a-glance work instructions, as well as the sequence of deliveries with complete job details. A ‘live’ POD (Point of Delivery) feed feature offers a further advantage to operators.

Live updates, which include electronic proof-of-delivery, and results from the Vehicle Checks app, make this a flexible and beneficial system, improving visibility of work for operators – they can use advanced cloud and mobile technology to combine everything needed to receive, plan and invoice work within a single accessible resource.

The system makes it easier to complete admin tasks: email invoicing is quick and easy, along with the ability to export both job and manual invoices into the Sage50 accounting software to save re-keying information.

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