If tachograph data demonstrates the vehicle is moving, but your Mandata tracking system is reporting no positional data or a poor signal for the vehicle for a prolonged period, it could be worth investigating further, say Mandata.

The specialist road software provider is advising users of vehicle tracking to investigate if they notice strange goings-on with their tracking data.

A radio frequency jammer is a device constructed, adapted or intended to be used to prevent the reception of radio transmissions by a receiver relevant to its function. [Source: Ofcom]

Plug-in jamming devices which are freely available to buy, if used, will interfere with a vehicle’s tracking system, potentially blocking the vehicle tracking signal of up to 500m.

It is easy to prove if a jamming device is being used. If you are receiving the vehicle and tachograph data, you will know if the wheels are turning and the vehicle is moving, even though the tracking system will not be reporting any positional data and/or there appears to be a poor GPS signal (a will appear on the map in Mandata Tracking). In addition, you will receive the tachograph data and therefore know who the driver is and when he is driving.

It will not take long to reach to a conclusion, especially if the vehicle reports correctly when there is another driver in it.

If you are concerned about tracking devices not reporting as they should and you are a Mandata Vehicle Tracking customer or you have suspicions that a jamming device is being used, we can run some checks for you. Please contact our Help Desk to report problems in the first instance.

It is illegal to interfere with wireless telegraphy – the maximum penalty is two years’ imprisonment and/or an unlimited fine. Please see section 68 of the Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 for further details: https://www.ofcom.org.uk/spectrum/interference-enforcement/spectrum-offences/jammers