Mandata Manifest ePOD app for electronic proof of delivery

Manifest app FAQ

We know it can be a big decision to change the way your team work. We think it’s worth considering as this app delivers big time-saving benefits to your business.

You can send work to drivers, receive real-time status updates and electronic proof of delivery all with the click of a button with this amazing integrated app.

Your questions answered

How does the driver attach the
POD to the job?

The Driver takes a photo of the POD using his phone camera, when he completes the delivery this is sent back to the Job and is marked as  POD received.

What if there are multiple pages of customer own PODs?

This is not a problem as the driver can attach multiple pages

How does Manifest work?

Q: If we are not using Customers Own PODs how does the manifest manage our own?

A: We can use the Date/Time stamp and the person who took delivery and superimpose these details onto your own delivery note which then becomes the POD for the Job.

Q: When the job is completed by the driver, can epods, images etc be automatically emailed to the customer?

A: Yes – any information captured by the driver on Mandata Manifest Application can be automatically sent to the customer saving you time.

Q:  Can drivers be sent job related documentation to view on the manifest application?

A:  Yes – in the job – notes can be sent to the driver, this could be collection or delivery instructions or both.  Documents can also be sent and can be viewed at job level

Q:  What happens if the drivers are delivering to areas that have poor mobile signal?

A:  All of Mandata’s driver execution apps are Native meaning they will work off line.  The driver can use the Manifest App, execute the job and if they are in an area with poor mobile connectivity, the information captured will store on the device and once the driver gets mobile connection the pods, images, doc scans etc will be sent back to the office with the actually time and dates stamps of when the job was completed.

Q: Does the app work on IOS?

A:  Manifest is compatible on both IOS and Android and is optimised for both Mobile and Tablet

Q:  Can the driver change quantities if required?

A:  In the new version of the app drivers can confirm the actual amounts  (weight, volume and quantity) of your collection or delivery.


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