Waste Transport Management System Brochure

Mandata’s waste transport management system (WTMS) is tailored to waste hauliers to aid in enhancing their operational effectiveness. Running a waste haulage operation poses challenges in compliance management, sudden changes in job parameters, and efficient execution.

In the brochure you will learn about the pivotal role of a proficient WTMS in waste haulage operations, encompassing tasks like job creation, planning, tracking, consignment visibility, electronic waste transfer notes, invoicing, and reporting.

Mandata’s WTMS tackles waste management issues through its four core areas of order entry, planning, operations, and proof of delivery & invoicing. This comprehensive approach addresses issues related to paperwork tracking, weigh-bridge tickets, repeat jobs, communication with drivers, route planning, issues with unmanned sites, and last-minute changes to delivery destinations. The incorporation of driver apps and cloud-based storage simplifies compliance, documentation, and communication challenges, fostering operational efficiency and regulatory compliance in waste haulage endeavours.