Access critical driver data, all in one place

Get full visibility of key driver data in an easy-to-read format, available at the click of a button: driver performance, hours and shifts are all presented in a simple view for complete transparency and optimal driver management.  

Valuable updates in the app include the following:  

  • On map tracking of all your drivers in real time 
  • The ability to view historic journey data on a map of every driver in your fleet. 
  • Real time driver shift view 
  • Live job statuses with the Manifests app

Live driver tracking 

Gain complete understanding of driver locations without having to rely on means such as phone calls and SMS to allow your Traffic Manager to focus on more value-added tasks. With the new tracking pad, you can view all your drivers’ locations in real time, on a map, showing their exact positions. You filter this down by your entire fleet, or even just one individual driver, while enabling you to view driver performance, and whether they’re currently on the road, or taking a break. This valuable feature will allow you to have a complete view of your fleet, and know when they will be completing one job and moving onto the next, drastically cutting down the amount you will need to communicate with your drivers. 

Journey history map 

Being able to keep track of how individual drivers have performed throughout a journey can be hard to gauge. Gain a complete understanding of driver performance on any particular day with the journey history map. This feature allows users to view an entire driver’s history of jobs they’ve completed on a map to show when and where they were travelling. Not only does the map show locations they’ve travelled to, but also key information about each trip such as speed travelled, idling, and other key events. Each journey is laid out in an entire day view meaning that you can see each of the jobs that took place on the journey.  

Driver shift map 

Ensure that your drivers have been abiding by the laws set for driving hours, with the driver shift map. The shift map allows users to have a real time view of driver shifts, so that you can view how long they’ve been travelling on their current job and if they need to stop for a break. You can view this data both in real time and historically (up to 2 weeks). 

Manifests location map 

The larger a fleet becomes the harder it is to track collections and deliveries. For users with the Manifests app this issue will be a thing of the past. With the trackpad app users can see the live status of each stop of a job. Meaning that you can view every stop for every job for every driver in one simple to view screen, whether that be for one driver, or multiple. This not only saves time trying to keep up to date with jobs with previous dated methods but also lets you see the following destinations of all your drivers up until the day’s end.  

If you require any additional information, or are interested in this fantastic feature please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.