Do you need tracking or a transport management system?

Vehicle tracking is a very important part of any haulage business – you’re tracking the assets that make you money, so it makes sense that you need visibility of where they are. But does it give you the full picture you need?

Benefits of standalone tracking:

Tracking will get you so far – but what about the other information you need to know? Mandata’sintegrated tracking solution stands out for its ability to tightly integrate detailed tracking and telematics information with the TMS.

Instead of viewing tracking data in isolation, you can see everything in one system: gaining greater visibility and control of your operations.

Benefits of integrating tracking with your transport management system:

  • Monitor progress with live data feeds into one place…. your TMS
  • Keep customers informed of job progress with real-time job status updates in the Mandata Customer Portal – keeping your customers informed to see if jobs are going to plan
  • Set geofences around specific locations to receive alerts and see automatic job status updates
  • Compare routes driven to maximise efficiency of your workforce and fleet
  • Plan ahead of time and inform customers of ETAs

It’s a great idea to implement a tracking system into your haulage business, but it’s an even better idea to implement a tracking system that’s integrated into a Transport Management System. This live information provides users with a full and accurate view of job progress and access to the details they need to make better informed decisions as situations unfold throughout the day, enabling you to manage exceptions.

Mandata offer a range of transport management systems that allow you to monitor everything from order to invoice, as well as having additional features like tracking, telematics, and a host of integrated features – all under one roof!

Does this sound like something you’d be interested in? Make an enquiry with a member of our expert team and let us help you.