Palletline members can use the Manifest App to progress work

Mandata has integrated functionality for Palletline members into its smartphone Manifest App that’s enabling Mandata users to progress Palletline and other work; smoothing the proof of delivery process.

With the new Palletline feature turned on, members using the Mandata TMS can collect information Palletline require to complete deliveries.

Drivers complete the necessary pre-delivery questions such as “Is the packaging damaged?”, “Is the customer present?” as well as a terms and conditions that the receiving customer has to accept before the delivery can take place.

The app then allows the driver to apply a conformance code against each individual pallet on the delivery.

Finally the usual signature and POD details are captured and all of this data is transferred to Palletline automatically to update their systems.

The app is not just for use with Palletline jobs, you can also process general haulage jobs that are non-Palletline related. However it will not allow you to select a mixture of Palletline and Non-Palletline jobs to process at the same time because it has to go through special screens for the Palletline work.

Gregory Distribution has benefitted from rolling out the new smartphone functionality to its driver workforce.

“It’s all about saving time and this new app does exactly that. It’s more user friendly and intuitive than the previous PDA solution we were using.”
Paul Freer, Business Unit Administration Manager

“Since introducing the Manifest App the response from drivers has been very positive in that everything appears to work faster and be clearer. Now we’re able to progress Palletline work along with other work using one device the process is simpler and easier to manage.”
James Spurling, Palletline Supervisor

“The support from Mandata during the testing and roll-out process has been very good, with fast response times and solutions to ad-hoc queries from users.”
Michelle Flitcroft, Business Systems Analyst.

About Mandata In-Cab Solutions
Smartphone technology offers road transport operators a smart, economical way to communicate with drivers, sending information to and receiving information from them, collecting data and images which are saved automatically to their Mandata systems.

The smartphone Manifest app is part of a range of In-Cab solutions available to users of Mandata software. Ask us to see a demonstration or click here for further information about our In-Cab software range.