New Team Admin solution offers hauliers simpler workforce control

A new desktop and mobile app solution from transport management software specialists Mandata will provide improved visibility and control of the workforce and costs, making life simpler for road transport operators.

Using the Team Admin app, staff including drivers will be able to update their shift hours, submit leave requests, report sickness and absence, and upload expenses and receipts for authorisation – enabling employers to keep better track of holidays, time and costs far easier and more effectively.

Three main features

The app consists of three core features – time sheets, leave requests and expenses – which can be activated optionally. The service can also be quickly accessed by authorised HR personnel and utilised through dedicated management screens, offering dashboard-style reporting and centralised management.

Time sheets help you to keep track

Within the time sheet function, a selection of time recording options are available to meet either individual driver needs or corporate level requirements: shift totals only; per shift with activities; per load, or per job.

Enhanced coordination and control of drivers’ availability is also a key benefit through a selection of options that track and record days off, requests for leave as well as unused holiday allowance. The system also records the number of days an employee has taken as sick leave in a given period.

Expense claims made simple

A ‘claim expenses’ section; records the date, type, amount and payment method for each claim. The status of expense claims is also shown in a colour-coded dashboard-format, clearly broken down for easier understanding. A receipt button also opens the smartphone camera to take a photo of the receipt for added functionality.

The app is one of the newest integrated innovations to come from Mandata. Kevin Marshall, Development Director explains: “We’re helping operators by making life simpler for them and their drivers. Providing everything their drivers need on one mobile device. The app is one of a series of apps that means haulage operators can replace paper-based processes with the app providing real-time updates saved with the Team Admin desktop solution. Key information recorded in one paperless system ensures everyone is kept informed, leading to far greater understanding and visibility as well as smoother processes.”