New application simplifies workforce compliance for hauliers

It’s hard for hauliers to keep track of employee’s knowledge and understanding of company procedures and legislation. It’s a necessary, but time-consuming task that often involves lots of face-to-face training, phone calls/emails and paperwork. We’ve introduced a new software solution that digitises the process for haulage operators.

Team Admin Compliance lets hauliers push information out quickly to their staff from a desktop application to a smartphone app and web portal, and record that an employee have read, understood, and agreed with the information, simplifying compliance.

Any content can be shared, from health and safety guidelines, operational procedures to instruction manuals; even videos you need your team to watch. You can also ask the viewer to answer  questions at the end of each document or video to clarify their understanding.

The application enables hauliers to create content and send it to any individual or a group of employees. Alerts notify the team when new content arrives and you can maintain a detailed record of all content sent, answers and digital signatures, publish content on specific dates and monitor deadlines that are approaching or have passed. You can also see how long it has taken for content to be viewed giving a complete audit trail and visibility over compliance processes.

Steve Spark, Chief Revenue Officer at Mandata said “Our customers told us they found it particularly difficult to share legislative updates with their mobile workforce and keep track of employee know-how.”

“This new application makes it easy to communicate new and existing policies and procedures more effectively with the whole organisation, or specific employees, whilst maintaining a record of progress.

“What’s exciting is that it’s a paperless solution that integrates with our existing Team Admin application used for managing leave, timesheets and expenses.  It means everything can be managed from the same application and the team can stay informed whilst using the app for a variety of uses from submitting expenses to receiving new content updates, wherever they may be.”