More haulage operators made the switch to Mandata. Why?

Whatever your new normal looks like we’re here to help you work with it.  Technology has never been so important to helping you and other hauliers adapt whilst keeping your staff and customers safe.

If you’re thinking of making the move away from clunky processes, spreadsheets and tiresome paperwork but still not sure if you should? Here are just some of the reasons why haulage operators chose Mandata when the going got tough in June this year.

Bespoke system no longer supported

“We were using a bespoke system, running on outdated and unsupported hardware which was no longer in development.  We needed to work with a partner who could support us as we grow. We also wanted a system that was simple enough to get us started but with functionality there to help as and when we need.

Wasting time with manual processes

“Life had become too difficult. Too many manual processes were wasting time throughout the day. Lost PODs and a disjointed order-to-invoice process were just some of the issues we needed to fix.

“Our manual systems were slowing business processes down. PODs were having to be scanned and this wasn’t an efficient use of our time. Also invoicing was taking far too long.

“Now business has picked back up we’re desperate to move away from our manual processes.

Easy online access to whole business

“We needed one digital system capable of allowing the owner of our business to log in from abroad and see the status of the business.

“We needed a system that could give us an overview of our entire business. Billing in multi-currency was also important to us.

Fast-growing Pallet and General Haulier needed a system to manage mix of work

“We moved from our previous employer to set up a new operation but we needed to move fast. We were competing for a lot of work and needed a system that could support our ambitious plans for growth.


Feeling the same way? You’re not alone

Many haulage operators experience the same problems as you. Talk to our experts today for a no-obligation chat and see how you can move from out-dated, disconnected systems.  We can help you move your business forward.