Mandata Tacho Now Tachograph Data Download with TruTac integration

New features have been incorporated into transport management technology specialist Mandata’s Tacho Now digital tachograph download service, further simplifying the capture of driver and vehicle data.

Tacho Now can now be integrated with TruTac’s TruAnalysis software and compliance products. This enables tachograph data to be downloaded by Mandata and automatically sent on regular schedules to third-party vendors’ for analysis and compliance reporting.

The new feature provides further efficiencies and savings for the transport operator because the process is now fully automatic – removing manual processes for downloading and exporting driver or vehicle data.

Fully automatic driver and vehicle tacho data downloads on a weekly basis

The addition of the new features will be an integral feature of the Tacho Now service, which enables driver data to be automatically collected from tachographs on a daily basis, and vehicle unit data collected weekly.

This reduces the burden on the operator of having to continually arrange manual data collections from vehicles and drivers out on the road. Saving considerable administration time and costs, while eliminating the risk of information being lost or having gaps.

One-off or ad-hoc downloads can be performed by the haulier via a secure web portal at any time as and when required for third-party analysis.

Kevin Marshall, Mandata development director, says the service will provide further value and a respite for hauliers: “Gathering tacho data alongside day-to-day operations can be an arduous task for many businesses. Our new service simplifies the process for customers, providing peace of mind knowing that a robust plan to manage this necessary data-mining process is in place.”

The TruTac integration makes the process of data collection even easier for haulage operators by automatically downloading data to the TruTac system.

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