EoL Announcement: Stirling TMS

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) relating to the Stirling TMS End of Life Announcement

Effective June 2024, the Stirling TMS product (a Mandata Group product) will be discontinued from both a user license and a support perspective.

For more information, please see the FAQs below.

Why is Mandata discontinuing Stirling TMS?
When the businesses came together in 2021, there was an in-depth review of both product architecture and functionality. Following that analysis, a decision was made to retire the Stirling TMS product and for all future investment to be focused on a single platform; the Mandata TMS product.

The Mandata technology had already seen significant modernisation investment in the previous few years and the decision was centred on ensuring best long term platform for all customers; a highly secure TMS that is scalable, configurable, is accessible anytime and has a clear future roadmap.

Is Mandata discontinuing any of its own products?
No, this relates solely to the Stirling TMS product.

When does the End of Life take effect?
Licensed usage and software support for the Stirling TMS product will come to an end 1st June 2024.

Will I still have technical support for Stirling TMS after the EoL date?
Support for customers will end on 1st June 2024.

Are all of the Stirling products being discontinued
No, the Stirling WMS is not and for more details on other Stirling apps please refer to this table.

Why is Mandata providing advance notice?
Mandata is providing advance notice to give customers sufficient time to prepare, research and decide on the best TMS for their business going forward.

What solutions or products does Mandata recommend moving forward?
Mandata’s TMS products (Go, GoPlus, Enterprise) are available to customers across a range of business sizes and requirements. In addition, key features from the Stirling TMS have been built into the Mandata TMS offer, to ensure continuity of functionality for Stirling customers, should they choose to migrate to a Mandata TMS product.

What support is Mandata offering for migration to the Mandata product?
Mandata has recruited additional implementation team members to ensure a smooth migration process that can be planned to minimise any disruption. We have streamlined the migration process, using experience of those Stirling customers who have already made the switch. We are offering rolling webinars on product demonstrations and have bolstered our customer teams to help during the transition.

Where can I get more information?
Customers that are currently using the Stirling TMS product will have received a call from either James Jarvis or Daniel Cowie to ask any questions and discuss their options. In addition, invitations have been emailed to view a recording of the live webinar hosted on the 16th of March 2023.

If you are a Stirling TMS customer and have not received an email (kindly check your Spam folder) or a call, and would like to know more, please do so by filling in the form on this page to request a call back.