Send and receive jobs with fellow Mandata Go hauliers with the partnerships feature

Keeping track of your subcontractor data can be a difficult task. On top of this it can sometimes be a time-consuming process to either send or receive jobs between haulier and subbie due to inefficient methods. However, with the partnerships feature in Mandata Go and Mandata GoPlus this is a thing of the past.

The partnership feature comes free of charge for all Go and GoPlus users and allows for hauliers to send and receive jobs to other hauliers who are also using a Mandata Go or GoPlus TMS.

Whether you’re the contractor or subcontractor, the partnerships feature is quick to set up and easy to use.

(Image above: Screen showing the haulier sending the partnership request to fellow Mandata Go haulier)

The first thing to note is that you must have the email address of the haulier you want to partner with (this should be the email address entered against their user record in the TMS). If you do, simply send them an email invite from your TMS  to become a partner .

(Image above: Screen showing the prospective partner receiving the partnership request from fellow Mandata Go haulier).

Your potential partner will receive the email invite and, once they click the link in it, it will take them to the partnerships page in their own TMS. From there, if they accept the invite, a partnership is formed.


Sending and receiving jobs

Once a partnership is formed jobs can be sent to and from your partners’ TMS with ease.

(Image above: Showing the partnership business appearing in job planner).

Simply allocate a job to the partner’s subcontractor record in your TMS in the same way that you would normally allocate a job to any other subcontractor.

(Image above: Showing notification that a new job has arrived from partnership).

Your partner will then receive a notification, either by email, within the TMS or both.

(Image above: Shows that the partnership has accepted the jobs).

After accepting the job, your partner will be able to view all the key job information they need in their own TMS.

Status updates applied to the job by the partner will be fed back to you instantly. All POD details and documentation collected for the job will also be instantly uploaded to your TMS.

It really is that easy to set up your partnership and start sending and receiving jobs. This functionality is free of charge and already built into Mandata Go and GoPlus ready for you to use today!