Portal gives shippers real-time visibility of supply chain

Digital delivery planning just got even smarter with innovative enhancements from Mandata’s TMS Go! software.

Driven by a desire to augment their haulage customers’ experiences, Mandata has been focused exclusively on the road transportation sector for over 40 years, bringing a deep understanding of today’s challenges and how to overcome them.

Already synonymous with their innovative paperless transport management system, is the ability to streamline collections and deliveries, allowing hauliers to do everything from order to invoice in a few simple steps.

About the Go Customer Portal

TMS Go!’s user-friendly system makes light work of planning and invoicing, and with additional, more intuitive features, the new customer portal plug-in provides one complete streamlined order to invoice process.

TMS Go! users can now clearly view real-time work in progress and utilise an array of intelligent features at their fingertips, to save time and enhance efficiencies with instant availability of data and a clear view of the supply chain for shippers.

Faster Integrated Transportation (FIT) offers a clear point of difference for users looking to maximise efficiencies in one connected system, enabling them to react quicker than competitors who rely on paper-based methods or a selection of disconnected systems.

Convenient on-line ordering and visibility of the supply chain

This FIT evolution aligns management and performance KPIs to help transport managers to track data, manage change and cascade critical information. Keeping them one step ahead of the competition with clear visibility of work in progress and a rapid ability to react positively to any issues.

Automated updates on the customer portal provide seamless integration between this and the cloud transport management system TMS Go! This brings significant benefits to hauliers with smaller fleets, not least as it helps them to make advanced technology, usually only available to larger operators, accessible to them too.

These smaller operators can now offer their customers (shippers) a convenient way to do business with them online via digital order entry, live status updates, ETA’s and anytime electronic proof of delivery.

The benefits to small hauliers don’t end there – the portal and TMS Go! system allow users to operate from both inside and outside of the office meaning that remote workers operating from home, or on the move delivering goods, can communicate swiftly and easily. This kind of web entry reduces admin and paperwork, in turn reducing workload and saving time.

Added benefits by integrating mobile Manifest app

Live messaging makes communication with drivers easy. Electronic proof of delivery (ePODs) are received via mobile, eliminating wait times and speeding up the delivery to invoice process when a job is complete.

There’s no need to print out and send PODs and manually process invoices as the FIT system can automatically email the invoice with the POD out to the customer, saving time and postage costs.

This service offers wider benefits to end users as well as delivery operators, as shippers can create jobs and orders which appear automatically in the haulier’s TMS Go! transport management system to plan.

By quickening processes and communication flow, businesses can avoid blank spots and information gaps, bolstering business continuity and assisting the flow of cash with quicker digital invoicing methods.

This innovative FIT system in the new and improved TMS Go! service, energises hauliers with visibility throughout transport management procedures – accelerating processes and providing complete, real-time and accurate information; keeping everyone informed, and focusing people’s energy on important tasks that add real value to their customers.