The waste management sector is a highly regulated industry, with aims to protect human health and the environment.

Who do these laws apply to?

Anyone that generates, stores, works with and disposes of waste is bound by the duty of care, applying to both public and private sectors.

The areas of compliance:

The regulations govern the following areas of your business waste

  • The correct sorting and storage of waste
  • Your waste carrier
  • Correct waste disposal

What you need to know about waste transfer notes:

Every time waste is removed from your business premises, a waste transfer note needs to be filled out. A waste transfer note contains the following information:

  • The waste type and quantity
  • How it is contained
  • The place and date of collection and disposal.

You must keep your waste transfer notes for two years.

Digitising your waste transfer notes

If you’re managing your waste transfer notes by pen and paper, this can put significant pressure on your drivers and office staff to ensure all waste transfer notes get back to the depot safely and ensured they are stored away safely.

Digitising your waste transfer notes means you’ve got peace of mind you’re gaining the correct information from your drivers and also protecting your business from non-compliance. With a transport management system and integrated app you’re able to record and capture details about the waste you transport, electronically. Thanks to cloud document storage, you’ll confidently have an audit trail of previous jobs and be able to produce historic waste transfer notes on demand to your environmental regulator or local council when required.

Simplifying quarterly Environment Agency returns

By digitising your waste operation you’re able to produce reports to support the submission of quarterly returns to the Environment Agency, reducing the time it could take you to manually compile and produce if you’re using paper-based processes.

Want to simplify and protect your waste management operation and have confidence you’re complying with industry regulations? Speak to a member of our team on how we can help you revolutionise the way you operate.

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