FAQs – Your support questions answered

Here you can find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we receive.


When you first log into Go/GoPlus, following a product release, you may find the update takes a few minutes to download.

If you experience a problem logging into your system, it may be because the update failed to install. Please contact our Support team, or follow this link with a short guide on how to resolve the problem.


Our pricing varies depending on the number of licences you need, the software and apps you require, the number of vehicles, and other variables. For full pricing information, please contact our sales team.

Unfortunately not. The product is only available on Windows PCs.

We are unable to offer a software trial of Go. However, our team will be delighted to give you a tailored demonstration. With a better understanding of your business needs and what you’d like to get from the system, we can show you the parts of the software that are most relevant and helpful to you.

Go is scalable and can easily be upgraded to GoPlus if you need to use more advanced functionality or need the capability for a TMS to integrate with other systems such as customer ERP, accounting, or pallet network systems.

Go is suitable for hauliers operating in many different haulage sectors, including general haulage, bulk haulage, chilled and ambient, and vehicle logistics, to name a few. Go also has excellent features to support waste operators.

Our licensing plan is concurrent. This means it is based on the number of simultaneous users accessing the program. If you purchase two licences, two users can log in at the same time. If a third person wants to use the system, they will have to wait for someone to log out before they can log in.

Unfortunately not. The product is only available on Windows PCs.

Referral program

Yes, there is no limit on how many referrals you can make. You can make additional referrals whilst your previous referrals are in progress.

You can refer any haulage transport company that is operating in the United Kingdom or Ireland.

There’s an opportunity to win a £200 Amazon voucher if your referral signs up to a Mandata transport management system. There is no limit on how many times you can use the referral scheme.

We’ll send you regular updates via email as your referred haulier progresses their journey with us.

Unfortunately you cannot claim for historic referrals you have made – however, you can submit as many referrals as you would like with our new scheme.

The referral process works by submitting a form online, including your own details, alongside the referred haulier’s details. We’ll send both parties involved a confirmation of entering the referral program alongside what to expect as the next steps.


If you’re a cloud system user, please contact our Help Desk team on 0191 244 9300.

If your system is down and you need urgent help outside of our normal Help Desk hours (after 21:00 and before 08:00) please call this number: 07970 140 109.

Please note, this number is not for general software or IT support.

Users can find extensive help guides for all Mandata products, including your integrated extensions, within the software itself.

  • Everything they need to know about the specific features of Now, Go, GoPlus, and integrated apps is available as built-in help within each product. The help pages load in a window in the applications. There is a help option on the main toolbar and most screens have a help button that opens the help at a specific page.
  • DocScan, Dashboards and Web Services (desktop apps that accompany the TMS) all have help in the same way as above.
  • The Mandata apps (Manifests, Vehicle Checks, Navigation, Cross Docking, Track and Trace, Tracking, SmartDrive, FleetDrive, Team Admin, MT Smart) all have a help button on the main app menu.

If your users need any further help, they can simply get in touch with our Help Desk on 0191 244 9300. As mentioned earlier, any user on your Mandata system can contact our Help Desk team for support.

We provide extended support hours for IT issues.

We have a different telephone number for our Help Desk team during extended hours. The extended-hours telephone number is 0191 244 9292.

The extended hours are:

  • Monday to Friday, weekends and bank holidays (except for Christmas Day, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day) from 07:00- 08:00 and 18:00-21:00, and Saturdays from 12:00-17:00.

We also offer our cloud system customers a 24-hour telephone number for business-critical issues where systems are down.

You can reach our Support team directly by telephone on 0191 244 9300.

Our Help Desk team is available to provide software and IT support during the following times:

  • Monday to Friday from 08:00-18:00

You can also email your support questions to the Help Desk team, using one of these email addresses:

Mandata: helpdesk.newcastle@mandata.co.uk

Mandata Stirling: helpdesk.leicester@stirlingsolutions.co.uk

  • A variety of support options are available from Mandata, including detailed how-to guides, support articles, and training, as well as telephone and remote support.
  • For how-to guides on any Mandata software, you can search Help in the My Mandata customer portal. Feel free to contact one of our Help Desk advisers if you can’t find what you’re looking for.
  • As a subscriber, you receive unlimited support from Mandata. Any user on your Mandata system can contact our Help Desk team for support.
  • Whenever you contact our Help Desk team, we will direct your call to the best team or person to respond to your query.


Our pricing varies depending on the number of licences you need, the software and apps you require, the number of vehicles, and other variables. For full pricing information, please contact our sales team.

Yes. One of the many benefits of a cloud TMS is that you’re always using the latest version of the software. If the software has been updated, you’ll see a message when you log in.

We are unable to offer a trial of GoPlus right now. However, our team will be delighted to give you a tailored demonstration. Once we understand your business and what you’d like to get from the system, we’ll show you how to make the most of the software.

GoPlus integrates with most pallet network systems. This means information such as orders, job status and ePOD updates can be swiftly transferred between systems, saving you time and avoiding duplication.

GoPlus is often used by hauliers who want to keep their general haulage work separate from their pallet network system, and to manage all this work in one central place. It means you can merge all your work into one system and plan loads to optimise your resources.

We provide a flexible and adaptable approach to installation and training, with regular reviews of progress against a jointly agreed project plan. We’ll identify your issues and align the system to your needs, helping you realise all the process, efficiency ad cost-saving benefits you’re looking for.


No two haulage businesses are the same, that’s why we offer a TMS that can be tailored to your exact needs. Whether you’re in general haulage or operating in niche parts of the sector, the Mandata Enterprise transport management system has a powerful suite of functionality as standard, ready to be adapted to your needs. The system supports the most complex road transport businesses used by many of today’s largest UK hauliers, including 30% of Motor Transport’s top 100 businesses.

The size and complexity of your business will determine how long it will take to implement your chosen software. Our Professional Services team will guide and support you through every stage of your journey with us, helping you get the most from our software.

Enterprise supports both load and resource-based transport planning. Drag and drop functionality allows for easy allocation/de-allocation of loads and the traffic pad interface can be adapted to allow you to plan the way you like. You can allocate resource to planned loads or build and plan loads by vehicle, driver or subcontractor. As with Go and GoPlus, Enterprise supports full and multi-drop load building.

The traffic planning interface can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Each element can be expanded to include relevant data fields displaying information across multiple screens to improve visibility for users.

Traffic pads are designed to mirror your operation and the flexibility to have different traffic pads filtering and tailoring the information that each planner sees, making it easier to plan large volumes of work across multiple sites. This enables different users and depots to focus on information that matters to them.

Simplify, save, and prosper
– with a Mandata TMS