Route Planning Software: Stop Planning to Fail

Mandata's truck-aware route planning software takes the guesswork out of planning and executing your deliveries.

When it comes to transport planning, Mandata puts you firmly in the driving seat.

Wish you had the foresight and transparency to plan and execute your perfect delivery?

Use Mandata’s truck-aware ETA route planning and monitoring software. The essential all-in-one solution for haulage and logistics operators:

Create your perfect plan

Transport planning can be daunting if you don’t have the right tools and information to hand. Managing lots of moving parts, staying compliant, working to tight deadlines and the slimmest of margins is all very stressful.

Systems can add to your stress too. They may help with part of the planning process, but not the whole process. Job planning can take too long and you risk plans not being as efficient as they should be. It’s easy to over-commit and set yourself up for failure, even before your wheels start turning.

Mandata’s solution gives you all the information you need in one system to plan loads effectively, minimise costs and optimise your resources. This helps you to create a viable plan, every time.

Simulated planning options

Optimise manpower and asset utilisation.

System generated ETAs

Put timed deliveries to the test and refine your plan.

Real-time resource allocation

Plan with live resources v drivers' hours and maintenance schedules.

Truck aware route sequencing

View costs per vehicle, £/mile and refine your plan.

Plan validation v KPIs

Empty running, load fill and £/mile.

Instant plan output

Direct from TMS to a driver's Mandata Manifest app.

Execute your plan. Stay ahead of the game.

Creating a more efficient plan that you know you can deliver is great. But then you need to get the wheels turning and get it done.

The clock is ticking. You have targets to hit. Customers that need to be kept informed and resources that need to be managed. You need to know exactly where you are against the plan you’ve created. You can either sit back and relax knowing everything is going to plan, or you need to find and resolve problems early.

Live updates on your traffic office arrivals board and delivery countdown in your TMS give you early notification of exceptions allowing you to address problems quickly, and keep customers informed. You can even chat with individual drivers or your full driver workforce using driver messaging.

Truck aware driver sat-nav

Truck-aware route planning software solution. Provides ETA updates between Manifest ePOD app, TMS and customer portal.

Live arrivals board

Identify jobs at risk using a live traffic office arrivals board and delivery countdown.

ETA progress updates

Receive real-time ETA progress updates and exception alerts.

Manage customer expectations with real-time visibility.

Mandata integrated software gives you the tools you need to make customers feel informed and in control of their jobs.

Customers expect more visibility from haulage and logistics companies than ever before.  You need to set the right expectation with customers when you plan their job and keep them updated when your wheels are turning. That’s where route and transport planning software come in.

Give customers the real-time visibility they need from order to invoice using Mandata:

Real-time ETA progress

via track and trace app and customer portal

Exception alerts

via email and confirmation deliveries have arrived.

Track and trace

via online customer portal and mobile app.

Mandata route planning software gives you everything you need to create and implement the perfect plan.

By combining effective planning with execution and electronic proof of delivery, you can optimise each stage of your plan whilst benefitting from real-time visibility to manage exceptions as your plan unfolds.

What our customers say:


Mandata helps us plan multiple vehicles, optimise manpower, fleet utilisation and meet demanding timescales.

Relay Technical Transport Ltd


Mandata gives us visibility of every
inch of the supply chain.

Brit-Pol Ltd


Mandata makes the performance
of the planner more efficient.

BCA Logistics

See how Mandata can help you create
and execute the perfect delivery plan

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