• Send Jobs to Drivers

    Receive job status updates as jobs are completed.

  • Receive instant digital PODs

    The Mandata system is updated in real-time. No manual updates to do.

  • A user-friendly Driver app

    Saves the hassle of drivers having to manage paperwork.


Integrated Electronic POD Software

Go Paperless with the Manifest App

  • No more paper trails and lost delivery notes
  • Auto-admin function sends non-conformance, signature and delivery details to the TMS

Reduce admin and manual tasks

  • Invoice can be emailed right away
  • Reduce returned goods and customer conflicts

Keep customers informed in real-time

  • Instant progress updates for the office and customer
  • Instant messaging between driver and office

What our users think

Whether you’ve 3, 30 or 300 vehicles we’ve got an ePOD system for you.

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