How to get more organised with
electronic proof of delivery

Mandata ebook, how to get more organised with electronic proof of delivery

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What’s inside?

  • 7 proven benefits of digitising your proof of delivery process
  • How to get more organised with ePODs
Mandata contactless proof of delivery

Keep your Wheels Turning

Running a successful transport operation has never been harder than in 2020.

We understand the challenges you face and we spend all our time creating systems that can help you keep your wheels turning. 

Download this ebook to see how our solutions help hundreds of transport operators to be more successful.  Even in the toughest times.

Why Mandata?

700+ 3rd party systems integrated

including accounts software and pallet network systems

One view of
your business

connected suite of software solutions to give you one version of the truth

Go Cloud, Go Mobile

We offer a full range of solutions to help digitise your business process

Gain a competitive edge

Set your company apart with the latest technology that keeps your customers informed

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