KCL Logistics cut down on admin giving efficiency a boost with Mandata Go

Customer Profile


Chilled distribution


To improve operational efficiency
by finding a better way to work

About the Company:

Based in the north-east of England

Company Size:

15 Vehicles

Business Concerns:

Had little visibility – decision-making
was based on assumptions

Too much time spent chasing drivers for
updates to communicate back to customers

KCL Logistics specialises in chilled distribution, including the transport of wholesale fruit and vegetables. First established in 2011, KCL have grown their fleet to 15 vehicles and now have 23 employees.

During the second national lockdown, they realised they needed to assess their operational efficiency and look for a better way of working. Enter Mandata Go. Before Mandata Go, they had little visibility over the business, so decisions were based on assumptions instead of on actual data.

Quicker invoicing, easier planning, and happier customers

Andrew Dunn, director at KCL Logistics Ltd said, “Thanks to Mandata Go, we’ve halved the time we used to spend on invoicing, and having all the information on one screen has made planning so much easier. We’ve drastically improved our customer experience now that our customers can log in to the customer portal to access their ePODs immediately. And our back-office staff no longer have to wait for paper proof of delivery notes to attach them to invoices to send to customers.”

Quicker turnaround, quicker cash

Implementing Mandata Go was streamlined and painless said Andrew, now that proof of delivery is seamless, KCL Logistics have been able to protect their revenue and get paid much quicker than they previously did. Turning jobs around quicker enabled them to see revenue at a much swifter rate, which was an important element in successfully speeding up our order-to-cash cycle within the business.

Andrew also added “our old system was slow and painful, so moving to Mandata Go has revolutionised the way we used to work, and I can confidently say we’re working a lot more efficiently than we used to.”

Mandata can help your business too

In a world where we’ve faced so much adversity in the past 12 months, it’s critical for businesses to become digitally fit. KCL Logistics makes a strong case for improving operational efficiency with the help of Mandata’s transport management software.

Whether you plan for 20 or 200 vehicles, Mandata has the transport management software to help make your job easier

mandata go logo

Desktop, cloud TMS for start-up to medium-sized operators with simpler business processes.

Core TMS features include:

Create standard jobs, bulk jobs and repeat job schedules
Customisable rate tables
Configurable job and stage planner
Multi-day load planning
Route sequencing
Map-based route confirmation
Visual load fill/utilisation
ETA notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Subcontractor management tools
Document scanning and storage
Documents emailed to customers automatically as jobs progress
Self-service customer portal
Simple file-based imports and exports
Accounts integrations
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Most Popular mandata-go-plus

Desktop, cloud TMS for medium to large sized operators with more complex business processes.

All the features of Go, PLUS the following:

Short-distance-running guide
Two-way pallet network integration
Custom data fields to capture all the details you need
Create your own dashboard layouts from our range of KPI charts and graphs
More powerful file-based imports/exports with enhanced data validation and third-party code translation
Developer API for seamless data transfer with third-party products
Seamless integration with major accounting software providers
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Mandata Enterprise TMS logo

If your needs are more complex, we also offer an enterprise-class bespoke transport management system.

All the features you’d expect including:

Dynamic map-based planning
Configurable, role-specific traffic planning screens
Pre-planning ETAs with live ETA updates and notifications when integrated with Manifests and Navigation apps
Empty mileage calculations updated as you add and amend loads
Configurable collection, delivery and load documentation
Create your own documentation and reports with our embedded custom report builder
Optional scale-out reporting server for data integration with existing business systems
Managed integrations to over 500 third-party systems
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Cut down on admin and boost business efficiency