Thinking of making the move away from spreadsheets and tiresome paperwork but still not sure if you should? Even in these uncertain times hauliers are making the switch to Mandata from manual paper-based processes and other disconnected systems.

Here are the reasons why operators small and large, operating in all sectors of industry are switching to Mandata:

We’re a growing family business. We don’t have a system in place and too reliant on one person who holds all the knowledge in their head. We need to move with the times and give everyone access to the same information.

We need a portal to give our customers so they can self-book and be able to access live updates and electronic documents.  We need a system to manage our growing workload.

We’re struggling with paperwork. With the COVID situation we’re driving towards becoming totally paperless. We also need help with invoicing jobs. Being able to do everything in one place will help us move forward, making time and cost-savings at the same time.

We’ve set up a new business and need a transport management system to build from the ground up with plenty of space for us to expand.

Our workload is causing a problem. We are trying to do too much with too many spreadsheets.  We need one version of the truth.

We can’t work from home using our current system. We need to be able to work from home or wherever we choose so we’re opting for a cloud-based system.

Sound familiar?

Many haulage operators are experiencing the same problems you are facing. Talk to our experts to see how we can help you move your business forward.

Drive your business forward with Mandata