Using an electronic Proof of Delivery (ePOD) app that integrates with your Transport Management System (TMS) allows real-time status updates of jobs and speeds up proof of delivery returns.

But what is Electronic Proof of Delivery? 

ePOD is a digitised version of a traditional paper delivery or consignment note.

How do ePODs work? 

Haulage Transport Managers create jobs and allocate them to drivers using their transport management system (TMS). The jobs are sent from the TMS and appear in the driver’s Manifests app. All it takes is the click of a button and jobs appear in the order they need to be made.

ePODs allow the back office to have a real-time view of delivery progress. At each delivery point drivers update the job status which simultaneously updates progress in the TMS, keeping back-office staff informed.

At the delivery point, drivers ask recipients to sign-on-glass.  To avoid contact drivers can also sign the recipient’s name.  Digital signatures are then transposed by the TMS onto an electronic delivery note.

Drivers can also take photos of the delivery on location as well as record instances of non-conformance and this information is saved in the TMS.

What are the benefits of ePODs? 

ePODs make drivers’ lives easier as they can avoid handling paperwork. They provide haulage companies and their customers with greater visibility over their daily operations and speed up other processes such as invoicing. Aa the ePOD is received in real-time, jobs can be invoiced as soon as a delivery is made.

With TMS integration, Electronic Proof of Delivery benefits include:

  • Instant updates in one central place – no time-consuming manual paper processes such as matching or scanning paperwork and there’s no additional data input required
  • Increased efficiency – dramatically reduce time spent waiting around and chasing missing or delayed paper proof of deliveries
  • Your revenue is protected – ensure your proof of delivery returns to the office safe and sound. Lost PODs = lost revenue
  • Digital trail – information is easy to find as everything relating to a job is kept in one place, avoiding any possible loss, damage or duplication.
  • Keep customers informed – provide access to electronic PODs and other job information on-line for customers to view, including job status updates to save them calling you for ETAs.
  • Maintain driver safety – use a driver ePOD app that enables contactless deliveries and avoid drivers having to handle customer’s own paperwork particularly during Covid-19
  • Improved driver communications – keep drivers informed of their jobs to do as well as provide a direct link via instant messaging between the back-office and drivers.
  • Future-proof your haulage operation – provide the very best service you can to your customers using technology that can support your changing needs.
  • Freedom to use any mobile device – Use driver app such as the Mandata Manifests app available to use on various devices – iOS and Android to keep costs down.

Who can use ePODs? 

Whether you have 1, 10 or 100+ vehicles in your fleet, ePODs will help you streamline your operation by digitising your paper proof of delivery process.

With seamless information exchange and instant ePODs, your staff and customers can receive confirmation of delivery before the driver has even left the delivery point. Improving customer experience and building a stronger reputation for your brand.

What to find out more about ePODs?

Mandata provides a range of ePOD apps including the Mandata Manifest+ app that will give you a lot more than just electronic Proof of Delivery. Instant messaging, phone tracking, Sat Nav and ETAs are enhancements which integrate with your TMS to provide a new level of automation and communication to your team and customers.

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