Many Mandata customers work across multiple sectors; general haulage, bulk haulage, frozen and chilled, heavy haulage to name a few. Many of our customers are pallet carriers too. If you’re in a pallet network, chances are you do other work too but you may not want to put your general work on the pallet network system, so what choice do you have?

You may not realise but Mandata integrates with all major pallet networks. This means you can manage all of your pallet network jobs in Mandata to save time and effort. Automatic updates made between the two systems enables you to receive and plan work in Mandata alongside all your other work.  Planning is easier as you have a view of your whole fleet and driver resources. Job progress and electronic proof of delivery updates are updated automatically in your pallet network system too, so you no longer need to transfer information from one system to another. It’s all updated automatically for you.

Managing work across multiple systems is difficult and time-consuming. What if you are in multiple pallet networks like Allen Logistics or manage many different work types like Gregory Distribution?

Mandata works with all major pallet carrier systems and can even be integrated with multiple pallet network systems at the same time.   Automating processes to avoid duplication and rework. Providing you with much needed visibility of your whole operation.

Our transport management system Mandata TMS links with all major pallet network systems from Palletline to Palletforce. With instant updates made between the two systems, you no longer have to work between two systems as information is updated automatically between the two. Finding the answer is easier as you have one central view of your business.

Jobs are planned in Mandata. Electronic proof of delivery, and job status progress as well as non-conformance are then updated in your pallet network system automatically keeping other network members informed.

It means you can do more work and grow your business, without the hassle of updating multiple systems.

If you’re in a pallet network and want to know how to streamline processes, download our free guide for pallet carriers. See how our customers work successfully in pallet networks and manage other work successfully with one system.

Download free guide for pallet carriers