Are you a haulage operator, struggling to keep up with customer queries?

Every person expecting a delivery wants to know when their goods will arrive. As consumers, it’s what we’ve come to expect from any retailer we purchase goods from. So why can’t hauliers keep their customers better informed?

Manual processes or disconnected systems make it hard to keep information up-to-date which means hauliers are unable to share information easily with their customers in a timely manner.

Hauliers tell us their employee’s time is often spent keeping customers informed and communicating with the drivers, than actually doing the job they’ve been employed to do.  They also say it’s easy to be diverted from tasks that add real value to their business, and they wish there was a simple solution to the problem.

The right technology can play a critical role here for both shipper and carrier.  Transport management systems have the ability to send automatic updates, keeping everyone informed, without any human intervention. These systems are a massive ‘game-changer’ for haulage and supply chain industry.

Firstly, if you’re a manufacturer and arrange a delivery with your local haulage firm, surely you need to know when your goods will be picked-up and whether they have arrived safely at the right destination in one piece, and on-time?  If the haulier has been delayed, you need to know so you can let your customer know.  Perhaps the goods are time-sensitive and must be delivered by a certain time or date. Or you incur penalties if the delivery isn’t made by the time agreed with your customer.  You and your customers need visibility so you can manage customer expectations and unexpected problems.

Lack of visibility results in uncertainty which creates stress and frustration for both the shipper, their customers, and haulage staff too.

Time critical deliveries are being made by road transport operators every second of every day, but there are hauliers who aren’t able to give their customers visibility of job progress and this presents a huge opportunity for hauliers that can provide this information. If you can show potential customers you can add value by keeping them informed, you’re likely to win more work.

ETA inbound calls are a huge burden for hauliers

Hauliers tell us they spend far too much time answering in-bound customer queries by email or phone, tackling problems related to collections and deliveries and checking and re-checking jobs.

Many say that the bulk of the queries they receive relate to when a delivery will be made.  But what if a system could help?

Technology such as the Go transport management system can send ETA updates as job statuses change. The system can also automatically email copy POC / PODs to a contact at the collection or delivery location once a job is complete, keeping everyone informed.

As the collection or delivery is made, the signature is recorded using the driver’s ePOD app called the Manifest app.  The POD is automatically updated in the haulier’s transport management system (TMS).  At the same time, an email can be sent to the shipper confirming the job has been delivered.  The job status changes to ‘picked up/delivered’ in the customer portal, giving the shipper visibility of the job being complete. They can then also view or download the signed delivery note from the portal. Proof that the job was delivered, on-time and in good condition.

Are you spending more time answering customer queries than you’d like?

A Mandata transport management system brings information about customer’s jobs into one place so it’s easier for hauliers to manage progress. There’s also no need to manage PODs and invoices outside of the system.  Invoices are generated by the TMS and emailed direct to customers, saving hauliers more time.

Here are 4 ways a transport management system (TMS) can keep your customers informed for you: 

  • Automated ETA alerts – a text message or email confirms when a collection or delivery will be made once the job is moving.
  • Job status updates – real-time progress updates are made automatically in a web portal for your customers to view on-line.
  • Job Amendments – if using our Enterprise TMS drivers change the estimated quantity, weights and volume to the actual amount you’ve collected/delivered. This information is updated in your system ensuring the accurate amount is invoiced.
  • Additional job details – drivers can record any information your customers need using an ePOD app called the Manifest app with an add-on called Job Forms and Questionnaires.  The information is automatically added to a PDF version of the POD which is emailed to them along with their invoice.
  • Automatic Proof of Collection and Proof of Delivery – emailed from Go and Go+ to your customers.

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