Keeping in touch with drivers can be a challenge for hauliers and office staff

Whether it’s to find out where driver’s are, what time they’ll make the next delivery or whether they can take the next job, many hauliers are relying on phone calls, What’s app and text messages to keep in touch with the driver workforce and maintain visibility of their operation.

What if there was an easier way to communicate and get the information you need, without having to speak to drivers?

There is technology available that can solve many of the communications problems facing hauliers, whilst keeping drivers, traffic office and customers informed.

Here’s our round-up of the latest software solutions available:

Mandata Manifest App for electronic proof of delivery

Driver Manifests app – keeps drivers informed

The Mandata driver Manifests app integrates with all of Mandata’s core transport management systems providing a complete manifest and electronic proof of delivery solution. As jobs are planned they can be output to the driver’s app by the click of a button. Jobs arrive in sequence ready for the driver to complete deliveries.

As the driver interacts with the app, the office can see everything from driver acknowledgements to progress updates and ePODs keeping the office and customers automatically informed.

Mandata TMS with Manifest app for electronic proof of delivery and instant messaging

Instant messaging

What’s App and text messages are ok but how easy is it share information across your team? Instant messaging is a feature that’s included in both the Mandata Manifest and Manifest+ apps. It allows back-office staff and all of the driver workforce to communicate, individually or by team.  Messaging is encrypted and all of the details are saved making it easy to refer back to information should you need to.

B Mundell use Mandata TMS to organise haulage operation

Job progress updates

When you’re busy the last thing you need is to chase drivers to ask where they are or when they’re likely to arrive at their next delivery point.  If you use tracking that’s integrated with a TMS, you’ll find all the answers you need to these questions without having to pick up a phone, and so will your customers, reducing inbound ETA enquiries you receive.

Tracking and ETAs – pre-emptive solutions providing proactive notifications

Being notified when there’s a problem will give you the best chance of solving it quickly.  Email notifications, live status updates and colour-coded alerts keep your team informed by making it easy to identify which deliveries are at risk.   There’s no need for drivers to call or text you.

Live Arrivals Board with real-time ETAs

Live Arrivals Board with ETAs

A live arrivals board displayed in the traffic office enables you to monitor KPIs easily.  Perhaps a driver has exceeded time allowed at a delivery point, or traffic delays mean they’re not going to make the delivery on-time. They can get on with their job knowing you can see exactly what’s happening whilst they’re out on the road.

Team Admin App – expenses and holiday requests

How often do you need to call drivers to see if they’re available to work? The Mandata Team Admin App enables drivers to submit holiday requests, sickness and absence and expenses via the app, minimising the paperwork they have to complete and keeping you informed. Their availability will be updated within the TMS for your traffic planners to see live availability of your resources for planning purposes. No more having to keep spreadsheets or diaries. Availability can be kept up to date without any paperwork.

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