Connected systems are increasingly proving their worth in the transport and logistics sector. Particularly in the traffic office.

Increasing regulations and governance, ever-decreasing margins, the tightest of deadlines, customer calls,  increasing workloads, driver shortages. Transport Managers are under constant pressure to solve problems.

But it’s difficult when information is hard to find:

  • Driver and Vehicle Availability – including Drivers Hours and maintenance schedules
  • Customer Details – pricing and rates, locations, previous jobs
  • Job Documentation – manifests, proof of delivery, non-conformance
  • Live details – are our vehicles compliant? Where are my drivers, vehicles? Who’s closest? Can they take another job?
  • Business Performance – How much money are we making? Have we invoiced? Have we been paid?

Who would be a Transport Manager?

With systems that talk to each other, life can be a lot simpler as the answers to common issues and problems can be found quickly in one system rather than 4 or 5. Helping to reduce the problems many transport managers frequently face.

Talking to Transport Managers who’ve recently transitioned across to a Mandata transport management system, these challenges often stem from either disconnected systems or manual systems that are difficult to link, share and update, such as spreadsheets.

When it comes to Job Planning, a drag and drop Traffic Pad populated with live data feeds from the tachograph, vehicle tracking, Manifest app (ePODs), pallet network etc which update the Traffic Pad the Traffic Planner or Transport Manager use to operate and monitor makes all the difference when it comes to planning in extra jobs.

Here’s part of a Mandata Traffic Pad (from the Mandata TMS) which shows vehicles, drivers, trailers, jobs, revenue per job, current status of the driver, time since their last break, time to their next break, the time they started their shift, and total shift hours. It can be tailored to show certain fields as well as colour-coded alerts making certain KPIs more visibility so you can message or call drivers at risk.

Drivers Hours Showing Live Drivers Hours in Traffic Pad


In a recent survey, 100% of Mandata Customers said they’d reduced the time it took to Plan Jobs by more than 5 hours per week. Just think how many more jobs you can plan in when you use a system that gives you all the information you need at your fingertips.


Like to see how Mandata pulls all the details you need in to one place?