Good customer service typically means providing timely, attentive, personal service to a customer, and making sure their needs are met in a manner that reflects positively on the company or business. But how does this translate into the haulage sector?

One of the fastest moving and growing sectors in the UK requires good relationship management to keep the wheels and goods moving. But for a haulage business, how can you make the most of your resource, whilst delivering the best service to your customers?

Happy customers = loyal customers

Time spent responding to ad hoc customer queries about their jobs can quickly become a drain on your time and resources – here’s how you can empower your customers to become more self-sufficient, keep them informed of job progress and ensure they receive all the information they need to pay you when jobs complete.

Planning with ease

Give your customers the ability to book their own jobs via a Customer Portal that automatically updates all job details in your TMS. Once their jobs appear in your system, you can quickly price and plan jobs in. Visualise and validate your plan to plan the most efficient routes with the resources you have and ensure you can deliver the service you promise to your customers, on-time.

What if they change their mind? You can make changes to your plan easily before wheels start to turn, without changing your whole plan.

Keep your customers informed

With integrated tracking and live updates from the Mandata Manifest app feeding back job progress you’re able to see if your jobs are going to plan and find problems early to manage exceptions if they arise.  Job progress updates also feed back into the Customer Portal so your customers can view progress without having to contact you.

Geofencing functionality can send alerts to your team, and to your customers via Email or SMS automatically. You can set up individual alerts if you like by customer, job type or job status so you can tailor the messages to suit different circumstances.

POD and Invoicing

Drivers capture digital signatures or use their phone to photograph paperwork. This electronic proof of delivery is fed straight back to the TMS via the Driver’s Manifest App, so your traffic planners are kept informed.

Your admin and finance team can also view the system and which jobs are ready to be invoiced. It means they can generate invoices via the TMS as soon as deliveries have been made.

You can save time by having the system email invoices for you. POD and Invoices are automatically attached and sent from Mandata to your customers – saving time and postage.

Technology can support key functions of your operation helping you to deliver the best service you can to your customers. We can help you to transform your business digitising the way you work.

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