Finding it increasingly difficult to win new business without reducing your price?

Shippers have high expectations when it comes to their haulage partners.  The supply chain is under greater time and cost pressure to deliver quicker and cheaper than ever before, and margins are being squeezed tighter.

What can you do to convince prospects your service is worth paying more for?

Technology can help.  Give your customers solutions they’ll value.  Show them how you can improve their processes and you’ll differentiate your business; there’ll be less focus on how cheap your service is but what great value it is.

Here are 7 benefits technology can help you deliver:

1. Convenient on-line booking

Give customers multiple easy ways to place orders with you:

Provide access to a web portal that connects to your TMS, making it easy for customers to create, edit and view jobs, as well as see real-time job status updates and download electronic PODs and Invoices. 

Enable large volumes of orders to be transferred automatically or exported from your customer’s system in to your own; saving time and eliminating duplication of effort.

  • On-line services with real-time updates
  • Smooth, effortless communications
  • Accurate information

2. Flexible, efficient traffic planning

You’re co-ordinating work for multiple customers. Planning hundreds of deliveries every day. Your prospective customers need to know you have capacity to manage all their work efficiently, with scope to take on more work, should volumes increase.

Using an integrated TMS that enables new orders to be received within minutes and processed quickly and accurately using a dynamic traffic pad.  It shows you real-time visibility of all your resources and costs so you can manage work in line with KPI’s you set, minimising cost per mile and empty running.

Add extra jobs in safely and profitably. Use a TMS that remembers all the various rates you’ve agreed with customers so that billings are right first time.

  • Find information and answer queries quickly
  • Expedite extra jobs swiftly and safely
  • Keep costs to a minimum

3. Real-time Visibility – Keeping Shippers informed

We know one of the most important services you provide as a haulier is live visibility of jobs in progress. Show your customers how you’ll keep them informed and give them peace of mind. Reduce the burden of inbound ETA enquiries on your traffic office at the same time.

Whilst there are many vehicle tracking systems, use one that brings vehicle and load tracking information together in one transport management system and provides customers with easy access to this live information on-line and mobile.

Enable shippers to view and download electronic Proof of Collection and Delivery documents on-line, as jobs are complete and invoices as they’re raised.   It enables queries to be highlighted and corrected quickly.

  • Live visibility of customer deliveries
  • Real-time electronic documentation available on-line, anytime

4. Deliveries managed by exception

Being able to see firm entry and exit times gives traffic office staff better awareness of what’s actually happening and better equipped to deal with situations as they arise. With real-time notifications sent to staff and customers, everyone is kept fully informed and able to manage by exception.

  • Reliable service with proactive notifications

5.  Paperless digital solutions

As well as electronic proof of delivery, all documents relating to a job are available on job completion.  You can make photo’s of paperwork and non-conformance available, saved automatically behind jobs, allowing the quick retrieval of files.

As deliveries are complete, invoices can be emailed to customers together with electronic proof of delivery to speed up bill matching for your customer.

  • Digital solutions to manage paperwork
  • Documentation including invoices updated in real-time

6. Proof of Performance

Many shippers need to measure and manage their own impact on the environment and will rely on you to provide reports of your fleet performance. Use a driver behaviour solution that simplifies the collation of driver and vehicle performance for you, whilst integrating with a TMS that details the specific impact of particular journeys you undertake for shippers.

Show prospects how you monitor the performance of your drivers and vehicles to promote safe and positive driving styles and take care of their deliveries.

KPI Reports can be scheduled to run automatically for shippers and emailed to them regularly to keep them informed.

  • Timely KPI reports, received on-time every time

7. Peace of Mind

Show your prospects how your systems provide real-time continuous access to your integrated systems, supporting and securing your 24/7 operation.

  • My deliveries in safe hands

Give your prospects 7 great reasons to work with you. See how Mandata can help.