There’s no doubt, we’re all asking more from our staff and systems right now.  Keeping wheels turning in the most challenging times. Reacting quickly and positively to change, the best we can.  Technology can help in all manner of ways.  If you need to make life simpler right now, we hope our 7-point plan will help:

1. Go paperless. Go Mobile

Many hauliers are instructing drivers to avoid exchanging paperwork and digital signatures at delivery points following advice from Public Health England. You can avoid paperwork altogether by using a Transport Management System and ePOD solution.

By implementing these solutions, drivers can receive work electronically on their smartphone via an app designed specifically for the task. They then can continue the job and provide head office with progress updates,  take photo’s of PODs and non-conformance.  Many of our integrated solutions rely on a signature to provide an updated electronic POD (such as Pallet Networks or Partners). In this instance Drivers can sign the POD themselves.

The benefits of using these solutions include making it easier for you to gather the information you require, quickly. Real-time visibility of your operation allows you to react quickly to any issues should they arise.

Also, the faster you receive confirmation that the job is complete, the faster you can create and email invoices to be paid for the work.

2. Work together remotely to keep your business running

If you don’t already have one, you should consider using a cloud transport management system which gives you the flexibility for staff to work from home, at any time. It also means workers across multiple depots can access and update the same information on one system. Everyone can access the important operational information they need to enable efficient remote working and critically, ensure regular communication between team members.

3. A cloud system to help you sleep at night

Worried your current system is not up to the task? Hear what our customers have to say about a Cloud based TMS…

4. Streamline how you work with sub-contractors

Managing sub-contractors is a real challenge for hauliers, yet now more than ever, you need to work together. Getting real-time job updates from subbies so you can manage your own customer expectations is next to impossible. Getting timely PODs back so you can get paid is an ongoing struggle.

With Mandata’s new Subbie Portal, sub-contractors can receive jobs from partner hauliers. Enabling hauliers to work together in a more integrated way, exchange electronic information and give full visibility of sub-contracted work.

5. Keep customers informed on-line

Simplify communication and streamline your processes by allowing your customers to book jobs online and log in to see real-time status updates, as well as PODs and invoices via a Customer Portal. This means staff can work more efficiently by spending less time handling ETA enquiries and more time ensuring everything goes to plan.

6. Help to make it as close to ‘business as usual’ as you can

We understand many businesses are trying to limit the impact COVID-19 has on productivity and are trying to keep things running as normal. But these are not normal circumstances. Every day and every hour, is throwing up new challenges, and you need to be able to react to whatever the next challenge will be. It’s harder than ever, but having the right systems in place will help protect your business.

Making sure your information is safe and accessible to the relevant members of your team and most importantly your customers, will help you cope in the weeks and months to come.

Mandata COVID-19 Integrated tool kit for hauliers

7. Electronic billing

Move away from paper invoicing to speed up your order to cash cycle and avoid the paper burden right now. Producing email invoices using Mandata’s software solutions’ enables electronic PODs to be automatically attached to emails as they’re sent. Helping to reduce the cost and effort of posting invoices.

For more information about Mandata’s transport management solutions, please contact our sales team on 0191 250 2220 or email Our sales team are happy to help Monday to Friday 8:00 – 18:00 and Saturday 9:00 – 12:00.