It’s no fun being bogged down with paperwork. Don’t worry! There is technology that can help you simplify your admin function particularly your bookings, proof of delivery and invoicing processes; minimising the need for manual data input, and avoiding duplication and errors – unfortunate side-effects of manual/paper-based systems.

Here’s a quick look at how transport management technology can help your admin staff spend less time punching in data, to free up time for tasks that add more value to your business and customers.

Data Imports from Shipper’s Systems

Avoid manual order input with Mandata transport management system

It is possible to transfer data from shipper systems into your transport management system, preserving the accuracy of data and saving you valuable time.

Mandata use EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) to set this up for you. Once up and running you can leave the process to do it’s job and all the hard work for you.  It means bookings can be imported from all your shipper’s systems straight into your transport management system within seconds, ready for you to process.


Accept on-line bookings

Customer Portal for TMS Go Online Orders, ETAS and ePODs

Do you receive customer orders by email or phone?  Manual data input is mundane and can put a real strain on your admin team, with pressure to get bookings on the system ready to be planned.

A Customer portal allows your customers to place orders on-line and in their own time.  Bookings then appear in your transport management system, ready to process, avoiding manual data input.

Don’t print paperwork, send it electronically

Instead of printing and distributing paper manifests/consignment notes, use a TMS to send work you’ve planned direct to a driver’s mobile.  Mandata’s ePOD Manifest app links to any of it’s core TMS systems reducing duplication and rework.  It means you can update drivers with work and additional jobs or changes quickly, and reduce costs.

Use an ePOD app for electronic proof of delivery

Mandata contactless proof of delivery

Using an ePOD app that integrates with your TMS enables your systems to be updated with proof of delivery as each job is complete.

It means drivers no longer have to handle paperwork and you can get signatures back in your TMS instantly. No more having to wait for signed paperwork to be returned or having to scan and file documents. There’s no need for filing cabinets either!


Invoice straight from your TMS

hauliers can email invoices from the TMS with Mandata

With all your customer details and jobs set up in a TMS and electronic proof of delivery being updated after each job, invoicing can be done quickly.

The TMS creates invoices using all the details you have on the system relating to your customer and their delivery. The system then emails PDF versions of the invoice and signed delivery note to your customer.  Invoicing that used to take hours can literally be completed in minutes.


If you’d like to talk to us about streamlining your admin function with a transport management system give us a call on 0191 250 2220 or make an enquiry.