Manpack3 TMS

Improve the efficiency and profitability of your business with Manpack3. Real accurate data for real accurate decisions.

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Raise, track and convert customer quotations easily and integrate sales processes with your TMS to eliminate duplication of tasks and data entry.

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Integrated DIP

Improve your admin processes and eradicate paper mountains by scanning and storing documents electronically.

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Advanced Services

The Advanced Services module is a web-based job entry and visibility platform. From your branded and personally configured website, you can allow your clients to enter orders or view order progress, including POD and conformance information.

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Tracking & Manpack3 Geo-fencing

Locate a vehicle at any time; simplify planning and routing and provide greater security for drivers and their loads. Mandata’s unique geo-fencing feature enables the status of consignments to be updated automatically within Manpack3.

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Driver Behaviour and Unit Analysis

Maximise the efficiency of vehicles and improve safety by monitoring and analysing driver performance. Use accurate statistics to move freight in a safer, more cost efficient way whilst reducing emissions and your impact on the environment.

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PDA Manifests and ePOD

Mandata PDA device software is designed for ease of use. It enables you to control the process your drivers follow ensuring you capture all the information you need. Seamless integration of systems between your office and handheld PDA’s ensures drivers have all the documentation and equipment they need to complete each job efficiently.

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In-Cab Scanning

In one action drivers scan manifests and POD’s are saved to Manpack3 within minutes so you can invoice quickly as jobs are completed.

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Control and micromanage your warehouse like never before with an integrated solution.

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Workshop Management

Improve efficiency and reduce the unnecessary costs in your garages and workshops.

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Online Data Backup and Recovery

Automate the task of taking daily data backups and ensure the safety of your data with online data backups and real-time replication services. The online data backup system allows straightforward and quick recovery of your entire system if it should ever become necessary.

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Enterprise Collaboration

Offer the highest level of customer service from fully integrated electronic system links with clients and key partners.

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ASP Hosting Model

Benefit from decentralised, thin client hosted solutions to reduce costs of infrastructure and support.

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Sage Accounts

Complement your Mandata systems with fully integrates links to the world’s most popular accounting software from Sage

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Mandata have been purveyors of high quality software to the transport and logistics industry since 1974.

We have a team of highly motivated, passionate and driven programmers, engineers and installationists who are committed to producing high quality transport management systems to best suit your business.

We believe in building long term and positive working relationships with our clients; we are open, supportive and receptive to changes in technology, legislation and business needs. We provide a one-stop shop solution, incorporating all aspects of the supply chain with modules in one single integrated solution; Manpack3 Transport Management System (TMS) to streamline supply chain and logistics for transport and distribution companies.
23% of Motor Transport's Top 100 UK Haulage companies use Manpack3 Transport Management System. 
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Featured Case Study

Systematic improvements bring big benefits to Scottish Haulier

Cost savings are adding up for Aberdeen haulier ARR Craib after turning to Mandata and its Manpack3 traffic management system.

Aberdeen-based ARR Craib Transport Limited, founded in 1983, is one of the largest fleet haulage firms in Scotland with a turnover in excess of £40million. It operates more than 200 vehicles and 500 trailers and employs 360 staff.