Mandata has a long and successful track record working with Pallet Carriers.

Mandata offers seamless integration between your pallet network system and the Mandata TMS transport management system.

This means information including jobs and ePODs can be transferred automatically from one system to another.  Eliminating duplication. Minimising the effort involved. Providing complete transparency for you and your pallet network.

Reduce your workload with a Mandata TMS and ensure you have accurate, up to date information when you need it.

Mandata TMS provides two-way seamless integration with pallet carrier systems:

• Palletline
• Palletways
• Fortec
• Hazchem
• Pall-Ex
• Palletforce
• Partnerlink

How seamless integration between the Mandata transport management system and your pallet network system can help you.

The Mandata TMS looks for new information, pulling new jobs into the TMS for you to plan and pushing PODs and updates into your Pallet Carrier system.

The solution is particularly useful when you do other work such as general haulage that you do not wish to manage on your Pallet Network’s system.

Interested to talk to our customers about their experiences of using a Mandata TMS integrated with a pallet network system?

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