Monitor vehicles and load progress in one complete system.

See if jobs are progressing as they should. View where vehicles are in the job sequence as well as manifest and vehicle performance details.

See if jobs are going to plan. Make the right decisions when planning extra work.

Mandata integrated TMS Tracking solution stands out for its ability to tightly integrate detailed tracking and telematics information with the TMS.

Instead of viewing tracking data in isolation, you can see everything in one system; gaining greater control of your operations.

This live information provides users with a full and accurate view of job progress and access to the details they need to make better informed decisions as situations unfold throughout the day.

Monitoring progress with live TMS feeds.

View real-time information about your fleet on the move within the Mandata TMS.  See clearly if jobs are going to plan.

A vehicle’s location, the direction it’s heading, its status and where it is in the job sequence are just some of the details you’ll see as you plan, monitor and respond to customer queries.

One integrated solution for better visibility and control.

See live visibility of your fleet and job progress in one single-view. Job progress, manifest details,  vehicle location and vehicle and driver status can be viewed in one application, giving you full visibility of your war-board. Enabling you to see developing situations and proactively resolve issues.

No need to call drivers to see where they are.

You’ll know which of your drivers are best located to take the next job, as you can see exactly where your vehicles are and what jobs they’re doing. You can also see Driver Hours to make safe, compliant planning decisions.

Geo-fenced loads. Alerts and automatic status updates.

When locations are geo-fenced, automatic progress updates of collections and deliveries are made within Mandata. You’ll see the latest up-to-the-minute job status information within Mandata.

You can also monitor the time vehicles spend on a particular site. Plus identify vehicles entering restricted areas such as the London Congestion Zone or the Low Emissions Zone to ensure charges are being recharged if required.

Real-time updates for you and customers.

True integration offered by Mandata solutions enables real-time updates in the Traffic Pad aiding operational monitoring.  Wow your customers with ‘track and trace’ visibility too in the Mandata Customer Portal and/or Track and Trace app.

Route comparisons. Maximise efficiency of your workforce and fleet.  See historical vehicle journey trails by colour.  Go back in time to see milk runs that overlap. You can then re-plan routes to save costs.

Full visibility even across mixed fleets.

The beauty of a Mandata Tracking solution is that you can have Mandata Tracking installed on any vehicle, regardless of its make or model; you can gain full visibility across all of your fleet.

Guaranteed for life.

Mandata Tracking units are good value for money. They are developed, fitted and supported by Mandata’s Engineering team and tracking units are guaranteed for the life of the contract.


More modules to provide real-time visibility of your operation:

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