Manage job execution with real-time visibility using one integrated system.

Mandata offers a range of integrated tracking and telematics solutions for haulage operators designed to provide real-time updates, keeping you and your customers informed as your plan is executed.

Choose from a range of integrated solutions.

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New Mandata Tracking Solutions

Load and Vehicle Location Tracking

Real-time visibility of load progress and vehicle location across mixed fleets.

See if jobs are going to plan.  Make the right decisions when planning extra work and as your work progresses. Receive automated alerts to manage exceptions.

Mandata integrated TMS Tracking solution stands out for its ability to tightly integrate detailed tracking and telematics information with the TMS.

Instead of viewing tracking data in isolation, you can see everything in one system; for greater visibility control of your operation.

This live information provides users with a full and accurate view of job progress and access to the details they need to make better informed decisions as situations unfold throughout the day.

Our solutions include:

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Mandata Smartdrive driver behaviour app

Mandata Smartdrive driver behaviour app

Telematics / Driver Behaviour

Visualise results and share driver and vehicle performance with your team, powered by Mandata Tracking.

You can monitor important aspects of driver behaviour and vehicle performance and highlight areas for improvement.

  • View historic data to assess performance over time. Drill down into daily, weekly, monthly or even year-on-year data for multiple drivers and vehicles to see whether improvement methods are having the desired effect.
  • Promote positive driving styles to reduce fuel costs and improve road safety. Encourage drivers to drive more economically to save fuel and reduce running costs by sharing their results with them. Simple scorecards are available on a driver’s mobile and trainers can compare metrics from each of your drivers/units to assess areas where further improvements are required.
  • Analysing and reporting incidents. By geo-locating incidents within Mandata Web Services Manager you can see a detailed history of an event by truck using a ghant chart. You will see a truck’s corresponding route of where an event has taken place to build a full picture of events.
  • View historic data to assess how performance improves over time. Drill down into your data to measure the consistency of your drivers’ performance on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.
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ETA Arrivals Board in Mandata Live Arrivals Board with ETAs (Mandata TMS): Manage exceptions as your plan unfolds[/caption]

Other Tracking Solutions

Keep customers informed of progress on-line or via email/sms alerts automatically.

Mandata offers a range of solutions to help you keep your team and your customers better informed.

Our solutions include:

  • Geofenced loads – once a vehicle crosses a geofence your system can alert your via email or sms. Useful if you need to maintain a record of vehicles crossing into Congestion zones or if you’d like to know if vehicles are remaining at a site too long.
  • ETAs – using the Navigation app and Manifest app ETAs can be viewed in Mandata and Customer portal. Automatic alerts can also send emails or sms messages on specific triggers you define.
  • ETA Arrivals Board – Users of Mandata TMS and Navigation app can give customers access to an Arrivals and Departures board providing visibility of the customer’s jobs in progress.
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More modules to provide real-time visibility of your operation:

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