Mandata MTSmart is an app that allows you to track the movements of vehicles using an android mobile device.

It offers basic tracking of journeys, ideal for operators not looking to install fixed tracking units into vehicles and who need to report on the location of vehicles and where they have been.


Mandata Smartphone tracking

Location Tracking

For road transport operators who do not want to install a fixed tracking unit into the vehicle.

The tracking solution is ideal if you need to know the location of drivers and vehicles and where they have been.  Please note this solution has limitations for example is unable to provide telematics information such as driver behaviour or tacho.

You can set the app to start and end tracking automatically when the vehicle begins to move and then stops for 3 minutes or more. When your drivers also use the Manifests app, MTSmart can automatically log in using the same credentials and then sync the vehicle with the one selected in the Manifests app.

You must buy extra licences from us for the app; one for each vehicle you want to track. If you don’t currently use the app and want to know more, please contact us.

To learn more about a more comprehensive tracking and telematics solution please click here.

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