Streamline your haulage business and connect your pallet network systems to the Mandata TMS.

Mandata software solutions integrate and work together seamlessly to provide one complete system which can perform all of your business functions

Automate the transfer of information between your pallet network system and the Mandata TMS to save time and maintain data accuracy between systems.

We provide two-way import/export routines for all the main carrier networks including:

  • Fortec
  • Hazchem
  • Pall-Ex
  • Palletforce
  • Pallet-track
  • Palletline
  • Palletways
  • Partnerlink
  • TPN
  • UPN

With Pallet Network system integration, you can:

Import jobs automatically. Simplify the transfer of data between your systems with automatic job imports via Mandata EDI’s.

Minimise duplicate data entry. With an integrated Mandata system, you will only need to input information once for it to be made available to all of your users.

Improve revenue streams. Capture all of your revenue and costs from imported jobs quickly and easily to improve invoicing processes.
Automate manual processes. Save time and improve data accuracy by minimising the amount of manual data entry you have to do.

Benefits for you:

Simple EDI transfer. Information you need to update on a regular basis can be imported into and out of your Mandata systems.

Automatic updates and data sync between systems. Information can be updated multiple times per day (depending on system).

Optional automatic updates as details change. Data updates can be triggered when new information is available.

Data fields matched between systems. To ensure consistency of data between systems we can ensure information comes into the right fields within your TMS (e.g. job numbers in the Mandata TMS are the same as the job numbers in the pallet network system).

Export work from the Mandata TMS into the pallet network system and vice versa. Your system can be programmed to import information such as new jobs, into your pallet network system so you are always viewing the most up to date information within your TMS.
Optional date stamps on POD’s. You can see when collections and deliveries were made within your Traffic Pad.

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