Affordable and easy-to-use transport management system for hauliers of all sizes

  • Improve cash flow with invoicing on delivery and seamless integration with major accounting software solutions.
  • Maximise fleet capacity and profitability with powerful map-based planning tools.
  • Real-time view of consignment progress with live status updates and ETAs.
  • Curb data duplication with one single point of data entry for all your haulage work.
  • Connect your office staff and drivers with a seamless communication solution.
Helping hauliers put the cash back in their business

Whether you’ve got 3, 30 or 300 vehicles, we’ve got a transport management system that is right for you

Mandata has been developing transport management software for nearly 50 years, supporting businesses of all sizes with their growth goals. The software you see today reflects five decades of customer feedback and requests, which means that a Mandata TMS is able to solve real world challenges for hauliers, in a way that reflects the industry’s best practices.

5 Steps to Success


1. Orders and job entry

With a Mandata TMS system, adding job information is quick and simple. Add details such as delivery addresses, price rates, sector specific codes and everything your team needs to then successfully plan the job.

Receive immediate updates on job statuses in real-time within the TMS. This means you will be promptly informed of any changes to plans, reducing the need for external communication outside of the TMS.

Reduce duplicated data and keying errors and save a vast amount of time by using job templates and scheduling repeat jobs for regular customer work.

Effortlessly handle customer queries by accessing historical customer data quickly and easily by leveraging the power of cloud storage in Mandata TMS. Completed job information is securely stored in the cloud, allowing for quick and easy retrieval.


2. Planning

Have a bird’s eye view of driver and vehicle availability so you can enhance resource allocation and ensure you aren’t overcommitting your fleet.

Enable seamless remote working for your staff through the cloud connectivity provided by Mandata TMS. Office staff can securely access real-time information the system from the convenience of their homes, requiring only an internet connection and the software installed on their laptops or PCs.

Eliminate the risk of duplicating work and re-keying errors by allowing multiple transport planners to simultaneously collaborate on the same plan using Mandata TMS. Real-time updates keep your entire team informed, ensuring efficient coordination.

Visualise and validate your plan with the help of map-based planning and vehicle load/fill utilisation tools, ensuring that your fleet operates at maximum capacity. Make the most out of each journey, save time, and increase your profits.

Mandata Enterprise gives an accurate real-time picture of all planned routes including empty legs between loads enabling us to identify and address any vehicles carrying empty trailers over excessive miles. This facility is leading to definite benefits in improved load allocation, operational efficiency as well as helping meet an increasing growth in demand for our

Finance Director, AW Jenkinson


3. Operate and monitor

Enhance visibility and track real-time job progress with Mandata TMS. Real-time job status updates and estimated time of arrivals enable planners and customers and to stay informed as jobs progress through each stage.

Effectively manage exceptions and prevent delays by sending updated plans directly to drivers’ mobile or tablet devices through push notifications on the Manifests app. This ensures timely communication of changes, enabling you to meet customer commitments.

Simplify the process of keeping your team informed of plan changes with Mandata TMS. Cloud connectivity and real-time updates ensure that all users have access to the most recent version of the plan as soon as they log in, allowing for effective and seamless coordination.

We handle 2,000 tyres every day and with over 56,000 tyres in stock with literally dozens of collections and deliveries every day, that presents a significant amount of admin, all of which I’m pleased to say is now in digital form and managed by the new Mandata system – making paperwork a thing of the past.

General Manager, TRS Tyres


4. POD and invoicing

Switching to electronic proof of delivery will take away the risk of lost or illegible PODs. Protect your revenue by going digital, and don’t let your hard work go unpaid.

No need to wait for proof documentation to return to the office thanks to ePODs. As soon as the POD has been sent by the driver and automatically reconciled to the right job, you’re ready to start your invoicing.

Reduce duplication and save time with a TMS that directly integrates into your accounting software, meaning less time is spent re-keying data, as well as less room for error. Sage, Quickbooks and Xero are just some of the accounting software that Mandata can link with.

With Mandata TMS, proof of delivery documents are seamlessly matched to the appropriate invoice, ensuring your customers consistently receive the accurate information they need.

Effortlessly fulfil customer requests for PODs by leveraging the cloud document storage feature of Mandata TMS. With a few clicks, you can quickly access and resupply your customers with the required information, significantly reducing response times.

With GoPlus, invoicing is a much quicker process and the customer gets the invoice and other documentation together, in one email. This also means that invoice queries from clients are swiftly resolved.

Emma Tideswell, Director of Operations, A S Taylor Ltd


5. Customer service

Enhance overall customer satisfaction by providing real-time updates on job progress through the Mandata self-service customer portal. Customers can stay informed about their job’s progress, eliminating the need for repetitive calls to your transport planners.

Enable instant access to proof documentation for customers by providing them with direct access to all relevant documents through the Mandata customer portal. This reduces time spent on customer queries and ensures prompt and convenient document retrieval for customers.

From job creation right through to invoicing, using a Mandata TMS you are able to control the price rates for individual customers to ensure that they are not overcharged, and that they pay the correct amount. Repeat customers can be allocated a set price rate, and ad-hoc jobs can be priced however you see fit – Mandata will calculate the fee correctly for you

Want to be sure you’re getting the right TMS with the right features for your business?


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Ross Edden, TWE Haulage Ltd

TWE Haulage use the Mandata Enterprise transport management system and integrated apps.

Richard Toner, Elddis Transport (Consett) Ltd

Elddis Transport use the Mandata Enterprise transport management system and integrated apps.

Andrew Clarke, HH Tankering

HH Tankering use the Mandata GoPlus transport management system and integrated apps.

6 Reasons to rely on Mandata

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48 years of delivering best practice features
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A dedicated Customer Success team
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The choice of award-winning hauliers
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Continuous investment in product innovation
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All the technology you need in one place
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