The Future of Road Haulage

From people, to processes, from experience and longevity, The Future of Road Haulage Report is packed with practical advice and insights from industry leaders in all areas of road haulage.

About the report:

We’ve gathered a group of influential leaders from the transport and logistics industry in the UK to share their advice on how to survive economic turbulence and uncertainty

With a range of experience and backgrounds, including former government officials and successful family-owned businesses. You can learn from their tips and strategies to help you succeed in this challenging industry by downloading the Future of Road Haulage report.

Key articles in the report include:

  • Lessons from a family business after 40+ years in the industry
  • How small hauliers can stay in the game during tough times
  • Remaining resilient in volatile times
  • How to recruit and keep the best drivers
  • HGV drivers and mental health
  • Simplifying operator licence compliance
  • The right to be safe at work

Report contributors

Hear from a range of industry influencers within transport and logistics bring their perspective and expertise on sector challenges.

The spiralling costs made 2022 one of the toughest years for operators throughout the country, and more tough times are predircted for the year ahead. We must continue to push relentlessly, for a better deal for the industry and the people who keep it going.

Richard Smith , Managing Director at the Road Haulage Association

We must keep focusing on these and other critical issues, not only to hepl operators manage costs during a very challenging time, but also to make the transport industry more attractive to young talent.

Emma Barber, Chief Executive Director at WH Barley Transport & Storage

Ultimately, time is money. As a smaller operator, you might have to service your truck overnight, with no time left to sort out PODs. The right software will save you time and money.

Rob Hollyman, Director at Youngs Transportation & Logistics

Wisdom can be anywhere; you just have to be open to hearing and learning from those around you. Empower the right people to work in the business so you can know it will keep running smoothly if life forces you to take time out.

Stuart Wring, Managing Director at Wrings Transport

The start of the year is always a good time to reflect on your current processes, not least of which those around recruitment, selection, and retention of your drivers.

Justyna Sodel , Director at NN1 Personnel

Compliance is an ongoing process, but if you follow these five easy steps once a year, you'll notice immediate improvements in your overall compliance.

Beverley Bell , Former Senior Traffic Commissioner & Owner at Beverley Bell Consulting

Good leadership recognises that health and safety is far more than a regulatory checkbox to be ticked. It’s an opportunity to reduce risks and costs, lower employee absence and turnover, reduce the potential for legal action, and improve reputation among customers who seek out partners with high levels of corporate responsibility.

Paul Sanders, Chairperson at the Association of Pallet Networks

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