New Web Services Manager

07 Mar 2016

New Web Services Manager
We are excited to announce that we will shortly be introducing Web Services Manager, a new management tool that replaces the current haulier-facing, Mandata Advanced Services application.

Featuring Via, Mandata’s slick new interface, Web Services Manager treats users to a faster viewing experience across a range of services including tracking and fleet performance.

The first release is a leap forward from the current Mandata Advanced Services product. There are a lot of common elements users will be familiar with and it comes complete with a few surprises.

As well as the ultra modern look and feel, it delivers a marked improvement in the speed maps are loaded and Mandata Via makes drilling into live data a joy for users whilst they cruise between multiple windows to compare and view information; it is so much easier and quicker than its predecessor.

New features

The Manage Fleet option has been redeveloped and split into several options. If you export manifest information from the Mandata TMS to Mandata Web Services, job details, collection and delivery addresses, and planned routes can also be displayed on maps.

Layers of information will give you rich insights into your fleet and job progress. ‘Route Comparison’ is a neat new tool that shows historical vehicle journey trails by colour, so you can easily go back in time to see milk runs that overlap, and re-plan to save costs.

With Current Locations you can overlay traffic and route information on to maps whilst displaying manifest information. Vehicle status provides a real-time view of the last reported status of each selected vehicle, and whilst displaying specific locations you can see how far the vehicle is from each, and any problems they may encounter en route.

You can also see every movement a vehicle has made on a selected date with Event History. A map shows the geographical location of each recorded journey event; from ignition, through idling, acceleration and speeding events, to each journey’s end. Each event is also charted on a timeline shown beneath the map, along with fuel usage, speed and engine RPM.

New Questionnaire Add-on

Gathering information from your drivers via their mobile phones is now something you can do within Web Services Manager. You can create surveys to be completed on driver’s mobile phones and see results which are saved within Web Services Manager.

One such application is Vehicle Checks - surveys are designed within Web Services and results from daily inspections are automatically updated here.

Offering the same seamless integration with Mandata’s TMS and other add-on’s such as Tracking, Telematics and the new Questionnaire module, users are offered a rich set of results in live-time, all in one place.

New Mandata Via interface

The progression of Advanced Services and introduction of the new Mandata Via interface is the culmination of some intense ‘behind-the-scenes’ activity and advancement of Mandata’s product range. The Web Services Manager upgrade comes free as part of each Mandata customer’s maintenance and support agreements.

The clean and agile ‘Via’ interface delivers slick screen transitions and floating windows, that take on a translucent appearance as you drill down into more information, helping you to navigate quickly through the results you see. There are common themes and screens too between this and Mandata’s new mobile applications – making information easier to digest – the new interface and agility in Via is the shape of more things to come at Mandata.

We continue to advance our product set; utilising the latest programming techniques and technologies to develop high performing, ultra-flexible products with Mandata’s renowned reliability. There are plans to roll-out the new Via interface across the rest of the Mandata product set in the near future. We hope you enjoy it!

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