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What’s new in transport technology that can help you drive more operational improvements?

Job Planner

Job Planner update in Mandata Go

Versatile Drag and Drop Job planner

Makes it easy for you to plan by load or vehicle using drag and drop between loads, vehicles and days.

Job Geofencing

Mandata Go Job Geofencing

Update jobs live as vehicles enter/exit locations

You can set up rules to control which statuses are triggered, and also send email or SMS alerts.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal for Online Bookings

Helps to keep customers informed and off your back

Reduce the number of inbound ETA enquiries you receive. With live job status updates in a customer portal, customers can see how their jobs are progressing for themselves.

Team Admin Compliance

Team Admin App (Leave, expenses and timesheets) and workforce compliance

Makes it easier to communicate change

Distribute content to your team with a mobile app. Ask questions to check people have understood the information and get a signature to confirm.