“We’ve reduced the time it takes to produce invoices by 30 hours each week using Mandata. The technology has significantly improved our admin and invoicing process.”
Robert Fox, Skelchers Express

Reduce time, errors and the cost of producing manual invoices with an automated billing solution.

Automatic invoicing in minutes not hours

  • Daily, weekly or monthly
  • Single or batch
  • Automatic job rating

Choice of invoice templates

  • Multiple layouts and designs
  • Individual settings for each customer

Email invoice with automatic POD attachments

  • To separate recipients
  • Multiple email addresses

Sub-contractor reconciliation

  • Costs
  • Rating

Customer self invoice creation

Helping you keep your books balanced:

Accounts and payroll updates

  • Data imports or auto updates between TMS, accounts and payroll systems

Instant financial reporting

  • Un-billed work
  • Jobs waiting for Proof of Delivery
  • Non-conformance Jobs

Transform your manual proof of delivery and invoicing processes with electronic PODs and email invoicing.

Mandata produces invoices for you and helps keep accounts and payroll systems up to date, avoiding duplication.

  • Avoid invoicing delays with a system that emails invoices along with ePOD attachments once jobs are complete. reducing delays, errors and re-work often associated with manual systems.
  • Produce single or batch invoices within minutes.
  • Reconcile accounts and capture additional costs.
  • Simplify sub-contractor work.
  • Save time and reduce duplication with integration between your TMS, accounts and payroll software.
  • Gain live visibility and control of your financial performance.
electronic proof of delivery and email invoicing

Invoicing via Mandata TMS Go!

Accounts and Payroll Software

Mandata provides the flexibility to work with your choice of accounts system. With easy data imports or auto updates between Mandata, accounts and payroll it’s easy to keep your books balanced.

Mandata integrates with Sage 50, Sage 200 Accounts, Sage Payroll and other third party systems.

Mandata TMS integrates with most major accounting software including Sage, Xero and Quickbooks

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Mandata gives you one integrated suite of haulage software solutions to run your full haulage business process - from end to end... order to invoice.

  • Orders & Job Entry

    • Less errors
    • Less duplication
    • Less paper
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  • Planning

    • Better planning
    • Better communication
    • Better decision-making
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  • Operate & Monitor

    • More visibility
    • More proactive
    • More control
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  • Customer Service

    • Volume bookings
    • Paperless solutions
    • Live updates
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